Old Hippie needs some help

I’m too old to smoke today’s strains, so I was very lucky to have been given some seeds from 1980. After a LOT of TLC I was able to germinate 5 of the seeds. I have 3 females & 1 male that the strain is unknown; and one male that we use to call Columbian Gold. I used both males (mixed) to pollenate my girls & now I have buds on 1 plant. One of the girls looks very unusual. It’s not producing buds, the leaves barely have stems and more than 1/2 of them have only 1 leaf, the rest have 2. They are large leaves & very healthy looking. Just wondering if I anyone has experimented with really old seeds? Haven’t grown any weed since the 70’s & back then all we did was plant them outside & hope they survived. :wink:


If you can post pics that helps. Filling out the info on a support ticket helps too. :+1:

Two things come to mind…1-it’s a hybrid and may show different physical characteristics from “normal” plants. 2—you din say how old the seeds are. Too old and they just don’t do well.

Pictures of the plant please

Kudos for germinating 37 year old seeds AND doing a seed run. You’ll have some interesting plants to play with

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Im amazed they sprouted after all that time.

Hello @60s-70s-WereFab l am jealous I have seeds from my father the date on the baggie 9/16/84 labeled grape t-2 the best my father can remember he bred a male Thai stick from late 70’s w/a bag seed female from early 80’s which he describes “just as good as the smoke now” and I have to agree I’ve grown dozens of the seeds it never disappoints


@Garden_gnome do a seed run with those old seeds! Don’t lose the genetics, if only for nostalgia.


Here is a pic of my “unusual” girl


They are from the early 1980’s

I’ve seen something like that talked about. I think there’s something wrong genetically. Maybe @Niala is around. What do you think, Al?

I’m guessing when you have VERY old seeds & they’re from different strains you create God-Only-Knows-What! haha If she produces seeds I’ll have to find a name for my “new strain”.