Old grower new to led

This OG kush has been flowering 9 weeks, and i just found out I should have been lowering the light intensity a little sooner. I still have lots of white pistils, although the trichs are looking cloudy to amber. How close you think it is? here’s trich pics, with Bud pics to follow.


And bud pics.


Cut 2 hours off your lights on time will help slow or stop foxtails. Cutting nitrogen will help stop its ability to produce more foxtails.

This will be a tuff call. Foxtails create new trichomes when instead she should be finishing her already produced ones. So there is a bit of immature, got a bit of amber so original trichomes have begun to turn. What are your feelings about amber trichomes?

Seem like you could be done. Might be worth it to go another week.

Man she’s chunky… Very impressive!

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I don’t typically let them get very amber. I think another week is a good suggestion. I’ll know next time to start reducing intensity towards the last half. This hlg 350r is powerful, but I like it. Rather to much as not enough. Thanks.


Very chunky. I could drive nails with these buds :). Thanks.


Just my opinion but when they get close like yours is I’d be checking her pretty often some can flip real quick since you don’t normally let them get to Amber… she’s just about to hit that window though


Sweet looking ladies Brother and nice thick buds. Your call on the amber, being in the Kush family all milky to very little amber is my personal preference :love_you_gesture:

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Great job. I been growing over 20 years and vegged 18 plants under LEDs for the first time this year. Impressive.

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