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looking great

Those girls look amazing. Great light

Today was a big day for the lady’s. At 46 days / 4 days into flower flip it was time to defoliate. Only thing done up until this point is being topped twice. They have been kept short and squat up until the week before flip when I pulled the HLG 100 V2’s 4000k and put the new dual HLG 260 Rspec lights in with UVA-30. It was like a jungle in there. I also worked the DE into the soil a bit better that I added on flip day. I’m so glad I found my bag of DE! Great stuff!!! I then gave them each a quart of water from a gallon jug mixed with 1/4 tsp of cal-mag and 1 tsp of molasses. They will get a proper feeding and watering again on Thursday. They dropped there leaves down and got sad while I was working with them and had them out of the tent. Got them back into the tent and water and it was like nothing happened. Dropped the lights back a notch and measured the PPFD at 650 so they have grown closer to the light and I didn’t want to raise the light just yet. Thursday I will raise it a couple of inches and put the lights back up a notch and should be back at 725 PPFD or so. Anyway all’s good, here’s some pics.

Tent pic with all the girls getting happy again from the days activities.

Pre and post pic of the defoliation of one of the plants.

Trim pile.


Wow thanks for sharing the Defol… looking good there!! I like to see how people do it!! @Twelve1 heres a visual into the future? Lol

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LOL, yeah not for me and my autos; the current ones are clear of foliage at about the bottom 25%.

Yesterday was 49 days / 7 weeks. The plants responded well to the first and only major defoliation. From now on it will just be thumb rubs to keep the suckers under control. The stretch has started and definition of bud sites are set. There getting a full dose of there Bloom City dry ferts once a week now. 1 quart watering every other day are now a reality and will increase. One watering will be plain ph water only with alternating waterings with 1/4 tsp of cal-mag and 1 tsp of molasses per gal. Foliar sprays of half strength silicate and Bloom Khaos mix will continue for a few more weeks until we have set buds. The HLG Dual 260 Rspec w/UVA-30 are doing great! They are now set at notch 7 which is good for 230 watts per fixture with a max draw of 257 watts per fixture. Set 27" above the tallest plant. 870 PPFD and DLI 37.58 for the two rear plants. Front left is 850 PPFD and DLI 36.72. With the front left runt at 750 PPFD and DLI of 32.40. The runt will get elevated this week at some point if stretch does not make a big impact in it’s height soon. Temp is still running between 79f/81f with a set point of 80f. Temps drop off to the mid 70’s f when lights off. Humidity was dropped from 65% to 60% yesterday. I expect the RH to remain at this setpoint for at least two if not three weeks. Once they get past button buds I will then start dropping it 5% a week until harvest. If I’m going to use scrog I need to get it in this week. And I hate scrog in my tent. The grow is going really good, Knock on Wood! Walked right up to the edge of to much nutuients and almost visted to much light. But the plants have responded to both very well. The lights may get one more power bump in a couple of weeks. But without CO2 there near the point of diminishing returns. And setting in a very good area for good growth. With a current ave. of 835 PPFD and a ave. DLI of 36.07. Temp of 80 / RH 60%. Water and feed the grow is on cruise control right now barring any disasters.

49 days / 7 Weeks


looking great, youre killing it. looking like you got everything under control.


56 Days / 8 Weeks and the grow is on schedule. Two weeks of flower 12/12 done. Plants still stretching a bit and all bud sites are set with buttons developing fast. They stretched to the lights and caught me a tad off guard the other day. So I raised the lights a few inches then gave them some more onion! Turned them up one click so they are now at 940 PPFD with DLI @ 40.61. Temp is 80f / 60%rh still. Depending on how the buds set I might drop the humidity down to 55% next week. But without CO2 there is no reason to give them anymore light. UVA is at 10 hours per light cycle. In two weeks they will be at 12 hours UVA. No reason to stress them to much with the UV. You can see the UV stress in the pics. Some would swear it’s nitrogen toxicity. Just the UV doing what UV does. Still getting a quart of water each every other day. One day plain ph water, next watering 1/4 tsp of cal-mag a gal with one tsp of molasses per gal. Still feeding the Bloom City dry ferts once a week. Knocking on wood the grow is in Cadillac mode.


Plants are looking incredible man! :call_me_hand:

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The girls are looking good and healthy…

Happy growing


Those look marvelous. Your ladies have some big leaves

killing it brother, keep doing what ur doing

@Tylersays tagging you in case your interested in this journal/info.
Beautiful plants over here!

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63 days / 9 weeks and everything is ripping along great. The surprise plant of them is the Bubba Kush. As a seedling it was so stunted and abused waiting on other fufu seeds to pop that it ended up loosing it’s leaves and was nothing more than a stem. Just a plain stem. Other seeds finally popped and what the hell give her some good light and see what she does. She put on a couple of leaves and the rest is history. Far better plant than the fufu Cherry Cakes. The stretch is still on and the surprise Bubba Kush is the stretcher and king. Lights are still on the same power level @ 230w each running on ave. 940 PPFD. I did try bumping them up and then backed them back down. Temps got to high and they went firmly into CO2 territory with some slight burning. Just don’t need to be there. Next week watering once a day will be a must. And has the stretch continues raising the lights more often will be a daily check. The UVA-30 has been adjusted to 11 hours on time. Next week it will be set to 12 hours to run with the dual 260’s. Humidity level was dropped to 55%. Did pick a few of the lower big fans off. They were dying, not enough light to keep them productive fueling the engine. They are now producing a little bit of sugar so it will be fun to watch them from this point on.


Beautiful looking plants!

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Agreed looking great :star_struck::star_struck: got that down to an art :+1:


looking fantastic


70 days/10 weeks, 5 weeks of flower as of last Thursday. I’m very late on this update. So as of last night when I took the pics it was 74 days. The wife had a medical issue we have been working on for a few weeks that ended up in a Ambulance ride and hospital time last Thursday morning. So this grow has suffered bad. While I did have some good help with the grow. You know how it goes when your not on the job tending your garden. They did miss a straight watering and a fortified water, watering and a feeding. When I got to them yesterday morning they were severely wilted all sorts of drooping and many of the lower fan leaves were yellowed and gone. They did need to be cleaned out. Just hate to do it the way it happened. Really put the plants through some massive stress and they were hurt at exactly the wrong time. While they did bounce back. Critical grow time was ruined and it shows. So I ended up getting them watered back up and went ahead and gave them a foliar feeding with Bloom Chaos and also hit them with a foliar feeding of silica. Then later in the day I hit them with there normal feeding and some fortified water. I ended up pulling them all out of the tent and pulling a pile of hurt and dead leaves off and out of the plants. It was a larger pile of foliage than the first clean up. I like to leave as many leaves as possible to power the engine while keeping the lower 25% of the plant clean. It really sucks to basically lose a week in flower. But it is what it is. And my wife is far more important to me than any grow. I love her dearly, she is my everything. She felt so bad yesterday when she saw them. I was hoping to get them reworked without her seeing them. She felt a bit better when she saw how they made a valiant effort to bounce back last night.


They look good still, glad the wife is okay!

77 Days / 11 Weeks, 6 weeks flower. When something goes wrong in your grow I think it’s like deaths or bad juju in ones life. They come in three’s in my world. Had the wifes health issues. Then flash floods and historic rain and storms that brought power outages and then the last of my Bloom City dry ferts went bad. Opened the bag to feed them last Thursday and was greeted with a smell rivaling drowning death victims. I’ve been using this simple grow/bloom fert system for years and that never happened. While this was going to be my last grow with this system I hated to have this happen in mid flower. Coupled with the flooding and power outages just one issue after another. So hopefully the bad happenings and juju are over and the grow can finish out on a high note. The flooding brought a gnat and ant infestation. Bugs showed up everywhere. The DE mixed in the soil and a micro top dressing have been killing the gnats and the ants. And I’ve done a couple of silica foliar sprays so the bug problem seems to be going away almost as fast as it came. But that left the fert issue. I did not want to order anymore Bloom City so I switched them over to Nectar of the Gods that I’m using on another grow. The NOTG was bought as a sampler pack of 6 quarts and I added two more quarts to make up the Greek package. Can’t even get into all the Greek names for this fert system. The plants are starting to drink heavy at a quart a day now. So with the NOTG switch I started at 1/4 dose knowing there was still some Bloom City ferts active in the pots. And am now up to a 1/2 dose every other watering. Still dealing with damage from the health issue. Then throw in lighting and environmental issues from lack of power here and there they have taken a hit. All one can do is laugh and move on. Running a ave. of 875 PPFD across the canopy. Backed off the lights one click since everything has been in flux so bad of late.

This grow is a cellar dweller now. You lose some and win some.