Old Grower, New Grow and Updates

Thought I would go ahead and throw up a grow journal on this site. I grew my first outdoor plants back in the early 70’s. Been busted for growing and have enjoyed all the blessing and pitfalls of growing over the years. I’ve learned enough over the years that good lights, control and basic nutrients are all I need to make great bud. I’m not a fan of the new FUFU strains of weed out now and find nothing basically good about any of them. But seeing I popped my last Columbian Gold real weed seed from 1975 last year I’m now stuck with FUFU strains.

For the last 4 or 5 years I’ve been growing in a 3’ x 3’ x 7’ 11" Gorilla tent. Wish I had a bigger tent but with all the different activity’s that go on in my office/grow space just couldn’t get a larger tent in the allotted space. I veg with 2ea. HLG 100 V2’s and late veg into flower with a older HLG 260 that I recently upgraded to Rpsec and and added a new HLG 260 Rspec with a HLG-30 UVA. I recently upgraded my old iPower POS 6" exhaust fan to a AC Infinity T6 thrown on top of the tent to save space inside. And my old Inkbird humidity controller failed so I replaced it last week with a new Inkbird control. Then this week my old PH pens/meters shit the bed so I got a Apera PH20. Hope that works out, LMAO

On to the grow… I’m a dirt farmer so this grow is a 50/50 mix of Ocean Forrest and Nectar of The Gods #8 in #5 nursery pots, stand offs and saucers. Four plants, one Bubba Kush and three Cherry Cakes. Of the 5 Seeds I had of Bubba Kush that were by 5 Seeds only one popped and pushed dirt when planted. So that threw the grow into chaos right off the bat while I scrambled to find more seed. Ended up getting the Cherry Cake by Elve8 out of the local market to round the grow out and got them popped and planted in there solo cups. So day 1 of the grow when I had helmet head sprouts and a horrible stunted Bubba Kush was 2/24. For pics both HLG 100 V2’s were on. But fact is only one was used during the first two weeks set at 30" off the top of the pots. Temp 79f @ 80% RH, Only watering a oz or two at a time twice a day.

Birthday Pics, 2/24

Cherry Cake1

Early second week of growth was a challenge. Not so much over the plants. But lots of new hardware came in and yes they were little seedlings that needed to be watched over. Still watering by the oz. with a 2 oz. syringe with the light at 30" with a lot of work going on in and around the little seedlings. I finished up the HLG 260 Rspec light upgrade and got to working on the AC Infinity upgrade. All while keeping the tent at 79f @ 80% RH. No feed yet just ph water @ 6.8.

Early week 2 pics, 3/7

Cherry Cake1

Two weeks in the bag. 3/10 was a very busy day. The seedling got transplanted in the early morning with each getting a sprinkle of mycorrhizae and a 6.5 ph plain water few oz. of water in. No shock, wilting or any issues at all, none! Couldn’t of hoped for or paid for a better trans plant. 12 hours later I mixed up there first light feeding. Took 3 gal of water and added 1ml of Cal-Mag, 1ml of silica, 1 tablespoon of molasses, and added 1 oz. of Bloom City dry fert and let it all steep for a hour then ph’ed to 6.5. Gave each plant 1 pint of water. I also turned on the other light and lowered them to 25". Also got the new Inkbird controller in and setup and the new AC Infinity is installed and on the job still running 79f @ 80% RH. Did some Kill-A-Watt testing on the new HLG 260 Rspec build. The Gnomes went in, so it’s now a official grow! We are off to the races. Took the two week pics on 3/11.

3/11 pics @ 15 days

Three weeks/21 days was yesterday. Plants have came on like crazy. Dropped the lights to 24" above the tallest plant, Lowered the RH to 70% @ 79f and they got there first real feeding. Each plant got 1 oz. of the Bloom City dry ferts worked into the soil. A fresh 5 gal water mix of 2ml Cal-Mag, 2ml silicate and 2 tablespoons of molasses @ 6.5 ph. Also used the new Apera PH20 ph meter for the first time. We also use the mixed up water for the wifes house plants and such. The grow is doing great!

3/17 pics @ 21 days

This is my first grow since open heart surgery in early August or 2021. This last Sunday I tore up most of the scare tissue on top of my sternum so have been in pain all week eating okie dispensary edibles and smoking there fufu weed. Yuk yuk yuk, need my own meds in the worse way. :slight_smile: So that is the current grow as it stood yesterday.

Be good or bad at it!


I hear ya with the new strains everything is a mix of what we considered great back in the day…
Try Headband it reminds me most of ole school smoke.


Those girls are looking good. The strains now a days are a bit more stable depending on the genetics. Welcome to the comunnity btw every 1 here is very helpful and cool. I love grow random strains


Very thorough looks great thanks for sharing… I love the gnomes!!!

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Nice set up. Welcome to your new happy place :blush:

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nice set up and looking great

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All looks great to me

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That’s the way to jump out of the starting gate.

Looks great. Lots of Gnomes around these parts.


Pretty work its about to get gooder in here soon buddy !

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Had 4 gal of water left from the Thursday water and feeding. So I added another 1ml of Cal-Mag and Silicate to the mix and another tablespoon of molasses, checked PH and gave them a quart each. And they stood right up to attention! Temp 79f @ 70%rh and there just vegging away. Topping in a few days.


25 days from helmet heads. Will look at topping later today.


looking great.

Giros are looking great

Do not top yet , let them finish rooting first . If you top them now you will slow them down , you need some azomite to top dress them so them roots can get jizzy with it the process to hold them once they get big.
Let the 9 finger leaves spawn out before you top , they will grow much faster.

I didn’t top them yet because other issues came up concerning real life. But I did look at them close. And they are getting topped this weekend if not in a few days. These 4000k lights really keep the plants squat and the nodes tight. They all have 5 nodes and a good top and on the 2nd and 3rd nodes they have 7 finger leaf sprouts. I want this grow to have two toppings then I’m going to let them go in tomato cages and go as vertical as they like.


4 weeks/28 days from helmet heads. It’s been a good week for the grow. Today was a big day. They got there first topping and first foliar feed. Then later in the day there normal fortified water and dry fert feed. Also turned the RH down to 65% from 70%. Had all the plants out of the tent and went over them very closely. The soil was still a tad bit moist so they only got a pint of there fortified water. They seemed to really enjoy the foliar feed after topping. They bounced back from being clipped in just a few hours like nothing ever happened. I will top them again then put them in tomato cages and let them grow and go. I’ve decided I don’t want to do any training or fiddling about with them. Top and go is the grow. The one little Cherry Cake 3 is a freak. She does strange stuff. Leaves wrinkle up and then relax or she might even wave a fan leaf at you or flip you off. She’s not the most animated or freaky deaky plant I’ve ever had. But I keep expecting to look in the tent and see her head banging to some Sex Pistols. I’ve really enjoyed the two HLG 100 V2 @4000k. They have really made vegging fun! Node stay tight and compact. They really work good at building the foundation for a good grow.

Here’s some pics.
Week 4 Pre Top.

Week4 Post Top. Foliar Feed, and later Fortified Water and Dry Ferts.

Here are a couple of plant pre and post top.
Bubba Kush

Cherry Cake 2



looking good. lol is that a plant sittting on the exhaust fan and carbon filter?


Yeah, It’s Cherry Cake 2. That’s where they all got there inspections, topping, foliar feeding.


Looking like quite the operation you got there :+1: coming along nice

Man they are perfect , if you start bottom feeding from the drain pan they will take smooth off in about a week ?