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I’m not experienced, but those buds look great! There is some discoloration; not sure if genetic?

Keep doing what your doing…until the girls tell you otherwise! :call_me_hand:t3:

Mine show similar when they need fed more. I am not in soil though. @Missiles, @Myfriendis410, @Covertgrower, @dbrn32 any thoughts to this

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I concur. I would recommend feeding every time.



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In my ongoing quest not to kill off my first grow I’m concerned, again about the some of the leaves brown redish color and many of the leaves with yellow between the veins. I did water with nutes (ppm was 560 but I don’t know the significance of that yet) and PH was 6.7. I’m going to continue to water about every other day which is when the pots feel lighter to me and with 1/2 of FF recommendation. I mix BigBloom (7ml/gal), GrowBig (2.5ml/gal) and Bloom (2.5ml/gal) and pour slowwww until little runoff.

I guess the question is should I continue with nutes, more nutes or use PH correct water only?

Could this be nitrogen, sulfur or magnesium problem?

Anything I could try to improve?

Thanks everyone for all the help!


Not good when @Covertgrower doesn’t answer :woozy_face:. @Myfriendis410, @dbrn32 or @MattyBear, @Missiles


I would recommend to purchase additional calcium to add to the feeding.


560 ppm seems a little low. I would add calmag and raise total ppm some.


@BuzzCut2030. Are you flushing per fox farm schedule? Also are you reading ph and ppm both going in and coming out?

I wasn’t sure about flushing autos and still need to read up about how to do it if this would help problem. I did water with only ph correct water a couple of times to see if there would be an improvement but there was not. They’re getting pretty big now at the start of the 8th week so I’m not sure I want to rock the boat. But as soon as I’m done I’m going to start more using all the help I’ve gotten to improve my grow so any suggestions are welcome. I’m reading thru current and old posts since There is lot of info there also.

Thanks OD

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