Old dude, first grow, need help from the pros

I have a large room available but only need a 4x4 area in a corner. Have a decent 1000w led. Can I just begin my grow or do I need to worry about the light not being diffused evenly? Any help is appreciated.

@Otacle572 welcome!
Unless you can be certain that that room will be dark for a total of 12 hours for flowering I would recommend a tent.
Odor, the girls will get smelly during flowering (and in veg) need a carbon filter?
ventilation? Do you have a fan for air movement?
1000W led is probably an “equivalent to” led light. It more than likely won’t be enough light for total coverage of a 4x4. The exception is that you only start a couple plants at a time so you have adequate light for flowering.
You probably could veg a 4x4 with that light, it more than likely won’t have enough coverage for flowering.


Give us some more details?

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…like what is the light?

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My light is a 1000w led from one of the more reputable companies. It has fans and a reflector. The room is large and protected from any external light. If I were adventuresome, I could probably grow, or try to grow, a zillion plants. My goal is between 3-6 plants. Should I use a tent or coat the walls with mylar or foil? I have excellent nutrients, enough rainwater to last for several harvests and love to spare. I want to do this right so I’ve come to the experts. Thanks in advance, dudes.

I agree with covergrower my vote would go for a tent already has Inlet an Outlet holes for exhaust. Bars at top to hang exhaust fan and lights little over a hundred bucks you’re Off to the Races.

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@Otacle572 plain flat white walls will work just fine. As long as the room stays dark for 12 hours you don’t need a tent. For that many plants though, you’ll need more light.
Another thing to consider for maximizing the amount of light penetration into the canopy, would be to install flat white panels next to the plant. Some light will be reflected back to the plant instead of being lost to the room. Not necessary though.

You could use a tent or build a 4x4x? (your height preference) structure and line the walls with reflective mylar film or panda film. growershouse has good deals on tent kits which would also have all the extras (ventilation, fans, basic growing supplies).
What @Covertgrower mean by an “equivalent to” light is: If you look at the sticker on your light or the specs online, you will likely find out that your current light draws far less than 1000 watts and is probably what is referred to as a blurple light, because of the blueish-purple hue it gives off when it is running.
For adequately lighting the area, you would probably want something like a pair of 260 XL QB lights from horticulture lighting group.

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Great. Thanks to u and ur colleagues for the input.

A 4x4 tent would be a good thing. If you can’t afford…then 3/4" pvc can be used to make a frame to hang mylar or a white shower curtain.

Be aware you will need a 6" exhaust fan to keep temps in the grow range.

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Thanks Youngblood. My lamp has four fans. Do I still need more? Also, what are the most economical nutrient? Thanks again.

I believe I’m ready to grow with a nice of appreciation to the pros of this forum. One final question: start off with tiny pots and then transplant into 3/5 gallons or go straight to the big boys and eliminate risks of transplanting. Thanks in advance.

suggest you get clear plastic cups for seeds to go to after hatching. this way you can see the roots and know when to transplant to final 5 gallon+ home. add drainage holes.
start with more than you expect to keep. some never hatch. some grow a little and die.
ya never know till it’s a done deal. cull the weakest and concentrate on the most healthy and fast growing.

I grow in a 80x50 basement with an unfinished ceiling, I bought a good heavy black tarp and closed in a 12x12 area for my grow room, inside the grow room I have Mylar on the two outside walls, and I happen to have sum 5 ft cardboard so I made a big L shape wall for my other 2 walls and put Mylar on it, at one end I have a table butted up to it to stabilize it a bit, I cut a hole in the cardboard and that is where the fan that sits on the table blows through, with exposed floor joists you can move tarps and lights any where ya want

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Good advice, tanlover. I like it. Thanks. I’ll forward a pic of my jungle at the appropriate time.

Most 1000w led panels will struggle in 4x4 space. Especially without being wrapped in reflective surface. You can grow in room without tent though, just follow advice of the others.

Because 1000 is not powerful enough in 4x4 area?

A real 1000 watt light usually is. Most of the 1000w LEDs aren’t 1000 watts.

As an example @Otacle572 take a look at this so-called 1000w grow light. Look at the specifications under the price. In the second section, you will see it is actually a 185 watt light.

Yeah. There r so many lamps, it gets confusing. I returned the one I had so I’m looking for a light that allows me to grow six monsters. What would u recommend? Thanks for ur input