Oklahoma and medical


So yesterday oklahoma said they took a step to legalize the cannabis oil (cbd) granted it is a step in the right direction and I watched on a news channel local that had an oklahoma representative talkin about next year’s upcoming state question for medical marijuana. He believes that when it goes to the pole that it will pass and help a lot of us here in Oklahoma bot just with medicine but with the filing school system to bring in money so they can pay teachers a decent wage, I don’t know why they are putting it off they should just do it now and get the ball rolling, but I know there are procedures and everything. At least it’s a step in the right direction a few years ago you wouldn’t of seen them talkin about medical marijuana on TV especially a local news network.


@Hawkeye_diesel the laws that changed in Massachusetts and Maine were changed because a group here drafted their own legislation and got enough signatures to get it on the ballot.

It took a bit of time to do this but maybe that is something that will happen in ok and other states.

We all know that the politicians are gonna drag there feet on legalization because they are so scared of offending someone and losing a vote! Maybe it’s time to force their hand like MA and ME


Yeah that’s what oklahomans for health did and recently won a case again pruitt because he recorded it to appear an read like oklahomans were voting for recreational instead of medical. So next year it goes to the voters to decide. I hope it passes I’ll gladly pay a Dr outside of the va to do it and I’ll pay the fees to be able to grow if there are any after everything is said and done so I can just be all happy and growin in my house my me and my ole man and maybe some of y’all if we ever cross paths


My wife is a MMJ patient and it costs about $250- $350 a year to maintain her client/ doctor relationship as required by the law. Plus the costs are higher, but until I get an established rotation of growing going that is good to have as a plan b.

It is a nice feeling to know it is there!


Yeah I imagine it’s not cheap to do, but worth it if I can grow and not worry about gettin busted haha


Well it’s confirmed that Medical will go on the ballot in June of this year(june 26th). Come one Oklahomans. I would rather see decrimilization over legalization.