Okie2 clones learning

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Do you use any ol’ branch or do you save your tops?

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I save my tops and smoke them lol :crazy_face:

When my pants get big enough I try to top twice a week that way more branches more buds LOL :+1:

I kind of pick a good Branch that I think will clone good and I go from there LOL I got confused on your other question but I finally got it :+1:

I have two eight by eight one for vegging and seedlings other ones for flowering I have three gold leaf and one AK-47 flowering now :crazy_face:

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Okie you like the I’ve got 4 outdoors.or are they autos?

No auto and in tents

@Okie2 very nice setup! What lights are you running in those 8x8 tents?

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I run LEDs the long white ones are 600 watts a piece the red one in the middle and the 3000 Watts I got two more 5000 Watts coming

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