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Continuing the discussion from Newbie here. Will take any advice can get:


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Thank you.
The forums is going to limit the amount you can post for the first day or two just so your aware.

You will need 120-125w of very efficient LED’s to bloom cannabis, as it’s an extremely light hungry plant.
Although you won’t find these types of lights on Amazon.
How big is your grow tent?
Do you have an exhaust fan venting your exhaust air outside of the grow room?
Your going to be looking at about 120$ per light per plant just so your aware. Maybe more maybe less of course. I strong suggest you only buy lights that we suggest, lighting is very complex and there is no cheaper way about it then the way we are going to tell you if you want decent results. It’s better to start with quality and a small number of plants or even a single plant until you can afford lighting for the amount of plants you want.


Not sure why you say you can’t buy lights on Amazon. I bought mine through them. Here’s a link to an article on different light options that will help you in your search.

I got my qbs on Amazon. Not saying they are the best quality but they do use a meanwell driver and Samsung LM301B diodes. I got a 240w for around $200.

I say don’t buy lights on amaozn because 98% of them are junk and the other 2% are over priced.

@CoyoteCody not a bad deal actually, I know if buying lights for 3 plants or even two then the best option is directly from China.

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It took a few days of searching but it was worth it. :+1:

Not sure if your aware yet but I’m sold on kingbrites from here on out.
I can’t find anyone who offers such a top notch product, is ahead of the curve and has such good prices.
Imo they are ahead of HLG.
You can go with 301b, 301h as a base chip then
Epistar or Cree for the red 660nm
And then UV chips to boot if you want.
I go full meal. Deal 301h, Cree ir, uv