Okay what's the deal with auto strains?

Okay what’s the deal with auto strains?
I’ve always grown photoperiod strains. I get the fact that they finish faster and you can use whatever light schedule you want. What kind of yields are you getting per plant? What other reasons are you guys growing auto flower strains?


im a beginner is the reason why I started with 2 white widow autos with 2 differnt pots, 1-2gal and 1-7gal pot and i harvested 5.5 ounces.


I did it because I am a newbie. My first plant - LSD auto produced 2.19 oz dry. I am continuing with autos for a while so I can try different strains, methods, and so on until I get my groove. I do have some photos, but not yet.

They don’t always finish faster. In fact, no auto I’ve grown has finished faster that my photos. They come in handy for outdoor grows in warmer climate if you want to start early or start late since light hours don’t matter.

They come in handy indoor if you’re running perpetual grows and you can just add in more plants in your grow space without having to worry about what light schedule the room is on.


It depends on when they autoflip to flower, if they flip 3 weeks in you’ll get a quick auto done in 9-10 weeks total and be a low yeilder of 2-3.5 ounces, if they flip closer to 5 weeks then it’d be closer to 12-14 weeks and can get a lb and a half from some if grown optimally here is a pic showing the difference. I personally grow autos for the challenge , anyone can grow photos , wait out the veg cycle , and get ok-good plants. Autos will show you if you’re actually doing a good job , if not you get a dinky 1 ounce plant


In a perfect world they should generate veg growth until about the same time as a typical photo plant matures then start flowering on their own regardless of light schedule. Typically this about a month give or take.

Like mentioned above you can grow a lot of photo strains on same timelime they would just require light manipulation at maturity. Some auto strains with fast mature and flowering time could be a little faster, but auto plants do not automatically finish faster because they are auto plants.

Main benefit i see with autos is getting to harvest in places with short outdoor growing season. The typical auto where i live will be halfway done flowering when photos here start. This would allow me to harvest prior to our cold wet fall season.


Well i did a white widow auto and i got 9 ounces from one plant it depends on what size pot ur using and how much training and defoliation also it depends on if you fim or top the autos


That’s pretty much been my experience growing both and at the same times occasionally :love_you_gesture:


Autos are for beginners sorry

In what world? I grow both and they both can be equally challenging :love_you_gesture:

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Newbie on 2nd grow I picked autos because I read the 9-10 of Flower thinking they would be done in that time frame but wrong. Didn’t know any better. 1st grow did 3 GSCX and averaged about 5 oz per plant, also maybe another advantage is you can do multiple grows per season. Also if working with limited space all have mine I stayed relatively small.Many disadvantages tho, I read some people pull pounds of photo, not possible with autos and they do whatever they want to do, when they want

How do auto’s do with topping/ fimming or Lst . And are you guys saying you can get a bigger yeild from an auto v.s photo?

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Personally no on the bigger yields…but 1 photo 10 ounces versus 2 autos of a Different strain at 5 ounces each gives you 10 ounces of 2 flavors. I’ve done great with topping and the manifold technique on autos. LST only produces a decent yields as well. :love_you_gesture:

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That’s the thing with autos it may or may not happen there ain’t no guarantees. Every auto isn’t going to produce 5oz so there’s the gamble

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I think genetics play a ton into the size/period of autos. I agree that mishandling them will not yield the results you want though.

I recently grew 2 bubblegum autos same everything. One produced 5oz the other 3oz

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Agree on that 100%. The challenge I was talking about with autos is the mystery involved with each run. Some grow shorter then the same batch seed for the next grow is taller. I keep plenty of risers on hand for autos. HST on autos is more the challenge with less recovery time compared with photos where you can veg them longer. I meant no disrespect or being contradictory Brother, just my experience growing both and and most of the time at the same time. I enjoy growing both and the 10/10 sales on autos let’s me experiment…my favorite part other than smoking them of course :joy::love_you_gesture:


I had 2 sour Diesels that pulled 8 and 9 zips and 2 Northern Lights at a little over 2 each grown side by side. Definitely bigger yields from photos. I’m still experimenting with training techniques to increase auto yields and hoping for 10-12zips on a few GSCs and a Bruce Banner.


I’ve grown autos my first two grows.

There’s pros and cons,

Autos go through their life automatically this can make it easier for a new grower to manage and get an end product. Not having to worry about light schedule.

But if something happens during it’s life cycle that stunts the plant then the plant could end up much smaller then it’s potential. While you can also damage/stunt a photo plant you can control how long it does veg growth by light cycle so you can recover the plant to the size you want.

If a photo plant grows slow just veg it longer, can’t do that with an auto.

Autos can come in all size and growing environment is the biggest impact. Here are my two grows, both in the same 2.5x5 tent the first was soil happy frog soil and nuets 4 autos I had some pH issues and first grower learning

My second auto grow I did 3 in rdwc hydro with jacks 321 nuets.
The middle girl got stunted during transplant and never recovered, the two on the sides way out grew the middle plants my previous grow/yeilds

I’m planning on doing photos next. I’m excited about being able to train and control them more to what I want vs watching them do their thing as autos

Hope this helps


I’m on my first grow still.

But for future grows, I think I could do 2-3 autos vs 1-2 photos in my space.

Autos would let me get more variety.