Okay started new ones is the curl down and color normal?



@omegasick, You will have to get a bit closer and with natural light please. Welcome


I hope that starters are not fill whit water… Just spray them 2-3 times a day (you need to keep them moist)


Hard to tell from the photo but they need to be just moist, NOT wet like @M4ur said. They may be a little to wet.


elaborate on natural light like sun light??? its a 450w led, on 70 percent, ppl say not to close with LEDs cuzz the light is too intense for babys.


noooo still drying out from the soaked cube, there is 0 water in the tray.


the light is currently 12 inches away, I was told babys dont need a whole bunch of light. and that LEDs too close can cause issues because of their intensity.


will upload a better photo my main concern was the dark green color, and the cotyledons curling downward?


have not used any nutes yet, I currently have the FF 3 pack


What exactly is your light? It may be to close now.

What he meant by natural light was a photo with out the LED on. It much easier to see the plant with out the purple.


12" is pretty close for that LED. All LEDs have different recommendations from the manufacturers. I’d double check what your lights recommend.


Like Rugar89 or Flyr said… When you have a problem you need to take a picture in natural light, this “natural light” is a light whitout led’s/mh/something.else on(just under sunlight if possible or whit your phone light on when you take the :camera_flash:). I hope this help! :+1:
This kind is not good

This is good


@omegasick, I believe the folks ahead of me explained the photo thing. Great visual aid @M4ur. Omesaick, if you see you’re writing additional posts in a row, click the pencil in the lower right of your post. You can change and/or add additional ideas or statements to your original post. It makes it easier for us to read your posts , it flow’s better and takes up less space. If I want instant gratification on questions I might have, I do a search on the subject. For instance your question asked about leaf curl. I would search “Curl” and read other post in that area. If that doesn’t answer your question then you can ask the folks in the know and they will get back to ya. I’m not saying don’t ask questions by any means. I love conversing with the fantastic people on the forum. Get all you can from this site, click all the links and see where they take ya. It’s a very informative site.


Im havin same problem but with soil and its overwatering. Just spray them with ph water. I haven’t watered for 4 days now.


yeah im letting them dry out a bit and they seem to be purking up


@omegasick, good for you. It’s difficult just watching and not doing something to them while you wait for them to grow.


frick one of my rockwool cubes tipped over and one of the round cotyledons broke is this gonna kill my plant?


@omegasick, You should be just fine. I had a bunch of grasshoppers graze through my outdoor grow long ago with various plant parts eaten off. I had various aged plants and they all survived. I bummed for a while hating grasshoppers for a long time after that. Just think that one little leaf could have actually saved the whole stalk from breaking.


thanks for the good vibes… im a paranoid new grower.


One of my healthiest, biggest plants lost both cotyledons when the seed got stuck in the rapid rooter. I almost tossed it, but the first teeny tiny serrated leaves were there (I mean tiny). It grew slower than the others for about 2 weeks, and then it caught up.

I’m only on my 4th grow. I feel you.