Okay so instead of qwet or alchohol process to make edibles question

Can i instead of doing alcohol process qwet processes with grain alcohol, get a wax press and some cheeae cloth and press the bud down on a wax press and then take the wax amd decarb it at 210 degeess? Is it just becaise people domt wamna spend 300 dollars on wax press so they do Qwet alcohol process ??

I believe you can press, decarb, and make edibles. I also believe an alcohol extraction will get more of the good stuff out of the plant material than pressing will.

The wax is already decarbed from the rosin press heat, alternatively you could get bubble bags and make bubble hash( I’ve heard the best rosin in pressed from bubble hash)

My Source Turbo (alcohol extraction) was $600…

Are you pleased with it? Have you done other methods, and decided on it as a final purchase? If the price would come down, or a discount sale, I would seriously consider one. I emailed the company, and the wouldn’t budge on a discount code…told me to watch for a refurbished unit instead.

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@Karbinator look up the magic butter maker, its alot more cheap im thibking about gettiing that, all you do is add ur weed to it or something im reading more about it

Is this good??

Sorry, i was referring to the source turbo, and it’s cost.

I love my Source Turbo. But it is important to understand that it has a sole purpose. And that is to evaporate and reclaim the alcohol used for extraction. You can, if you wish, find many other ways to accomplish this, including simply evaporating into the air (which doesn’t reclaim the alcohol). Some good info here:

Love it. It’s far superior to pressing or cooking in oil like the MBM (Magical Butter Machine). I can preferentially extract oil for different purposes and the extraction process pulls virtually all usable oils from the plant material. The machine recovers both the oil and the alcohol for use again.

I have used the MBM, done coconut oil in the crockpot and pressed flower. This machine is far superior to all of them.

Sorry for the hijack from original post…and thanks for the detailed thoughts on the device.

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