Okay,My plants will be 4 weeks old, when do i start nutrients?

I have been doing research about nutrients for my plants and i am a little confused?I do see from my research that nutrients usually comes in threes,I think? and also i have been seeing Cal-Mag.I know that is something i need to have in my arsenal.Just a little confused about using and treatments for my plants and to apply it correctly.Any thoughts or advice thanks…

Time to start nutrients depends on what you are growing. If in coco it should have been four weeks ago.
Have you tested the runoff for ppm? However some soils you are not supposed to water to runoff.
What are you using? Be specific.

I started nutrients in week 3.

Let me also note that I’m growing in soil.

And the NPK of the soil was 0.13-0.04-0.13.
So the soil had enough nutrients to last that length of time.

Once I watered enough to be able to check my PPM run off, it was around 500-600.

At this point when your PPM is this low, you should start adding nutrients + Cal-mag.

I am using Pro Mix Moisture potting mix.I will be using Fox farm happy frog potting soil when i repot plants.Here is a picture of soil i currently have plants in.

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okay,First let me explain,I am completely new i just started growing plants june 9,of this year…So i’m not really familiar with the lingo…but to answer your question “no” I have not checked any readings or levels yet,I am still a (noob)I am still deciding everything to buy, the plants are only 9 days old…I do need help with everything, I appreciate any advice…I am doing a lot of research but still a little confusing…

What’s the NPK of your soil?


If you are growing in ProMix you should start feeding your seedlings shortly after they are established. ProMix is a peat based product that has little nutritional value inherent in the product. A similar product to peat in that it has little nutritional value is coco coir fibers. Anytime you see peat or coco as primary ingredient you need to feed the plant as soon as they are established and you need to be a little more aggressive watering it (every day or two or even more often). Experienced growers like the control that they get feeding their plants throughout the grow that peat and coco allow.

Growing in soil like Fox Farms Happy Frog or Ocean Forest is completely different. The soil will feed the plants for several weeks and the soil needs to go through wet/dry cycles with waterings/feedings every 3-4 days. Soil is a great way to learn and obviously, the preferred method for growing big plants outdoors.


NPK numbers are zero.

  • Sphagnum peat moss (80-90% by volume)
  • Coir
  • Perlite
  • Ground Limestone (for pH adjustment)
  • Wetting agent
  • Mycorrhizae

I am a little confused about the plants’ age. Regardless, because they are in an inert media you need to provide all of the nutrients until they are transplanted.

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plants are 11 days old.I am getting yellowing on the leaves, i will update with photos later today.

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I think @CMichGrower has everything that’s in my soil in his reply,I do apologize for not being able to tell you the N.P.K of my growing media as i am new and just learning.

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Hi @UPSTATEZ !! I’m going to assume you’re a fellow upstate NYer :grin::grin:

Welcome to the forums! There’s TONS of helpful people here. We’re on our first grow in our house too but we’re a bit further ahead on day 61.

As a noob myself I do know that your plants will like the Happy Frog soil. I’d transplant those babies sooner than later!!

You won’t need much nutrients in the beginning after transplant as HF has a bunch in it already. Follow the flood/drought cycle of watering to get run off and let things stabilize out for a good 2-3 weeks I’d say before worrying about nutrients. I also use the fox farms nutrient trio, and I do add a small amount of cal-mag as I know my tap water is lacking.

You’re going to also want to invest in a pH meter too. Growing in soil you want to keep the pH of your watering around a 6.8 to maximize nutrient intake for the roots in the growing medium.

Good luck and keep us all updated!

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If you haven’t had some sort of plan to take on this grow then you should seriously decide what and how you’re going to do it.


Step 1: growing indoors or outdoors?

Step 2: soil in containers or in the ground?

Step 3: find the right grow guide on the actual main site and go over and over it until you find another topic pertaining to your situation.

Step 4: act upon your plan

We were all “noobs” at one point but knew what we wanted as an end result so don’t give up. Check out the outdoor section you’ll find my Kansas grow journal there. Or just keep browsing and checking out everyone else’s setups. There isn’t any certain particular way to do this “right” as long as the plants are happy you’re not doing it wrong. Find a symptom checker guide also and maybe download the free grow bible, both of those are extremely useful no matter what or how you grow.

Good Luck ~grizZz~

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Thanks for the advice,I do have a plan.My plan is to learn all i can about growing and caring for my plants.I know in a few more weeks i will probably be more adept even more in this process.I just ordered some nutrients even though I think it’s to early to start them but i have leaves turning yellow and they are still young seedlings and from what i have read that it could be a lack of nitrogen or to close to the light.( sf2000)
2x4 grow tent. I have pictures i added of them maybe more experienced growers like you could tell me what you think?It seems like i have to spay the top soil once or twice a day being that my medium is inert lacking nutrients.

Thanks for the advice and good luck on your grow…Definitely upstate bruh!

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The little yellow leaves are the cotyledon leaves. They are what feeds young seedlings if it has nothing else. It is normal for them to yellow and fall off. If they last a couple of weeks it means that plant is happy and being fed.
This plant broke ground 3/29. The photo was taken 4/18. I can’t recall cotyledon leaves lasting this long.

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@UPSTATEZ thats just fine it means it’s time to start feeding. You’re using FF nutrients so look at their feeding schedule for the trio and start with half strength. Remember you want to feed both grow big and tiger bloom during veg but start off easy or you’ll burn the plants.

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okay,thanks for the advice i have the ff trio on the way,Just wasn’t sure if they needed nutrients this early but thanks.

I also use the FF and completely agree with splitting dosage in half until your plants are 2-3 feet tall and have been topped once or twice…then start out by using the schedule of once a week feeding (still at half strength) just to see how your plants respond. Also strictly and only feed them once a week and water the rest of the time accordingly and you should notice a difference in your plants. Also since you’re growing indoors you WILL NEED to monitor your PH levels and everything that goes with lighting. Once you get the basics, which takes exactly the learning experience that you’re currently going through, look into techniques such as Low Stress Training and Super Cropping once you get the feeding down. There’s a great support system here and if you want to tag someone directly don’t forget to put the @ symbol in front of their name. :wink:Don’t forget it’s supposed to be fun and stress free growing and the plants will love you just as much as you love them :facepunch:t2::sunglasses::call_me_hand:t2:

Don’t give up



Once it’s dialed it can be low stress but man when you’ve still got noob mistakes to make it’s tough to not stress the little sh!t. Also it’s easier not to stress the small stuff when you have good homegrown weed to smoke. It’s like chill out and smoke a bowl, it’s all good.

I appreciate the words of encouragement🙏🏾.I am confident that this forum is full of information and great advice and knowledge and i can learn all i need to know to have a first successful grow.@grizZz

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