Okay, HELP! With my one and only

This looks like a good place to start something fun, well I think, but I need help with a ladies name for my first “EVER” grow. She’s been transplanted twice. Started out in a box lined with foil, snapped twice and I’ve made it this far. I’m just hoping to be able to continue successfully. There’s really great help here. So you can throw something at me, if you want

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first ever? Virginia… @Jamie1234


Yes, and I only have the one, the lucky one…I hope

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What do you think about Roxann? :wink:

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that name ROXX!


She is looking foxy roxy :wink: your lucky lady is looking lovely :+1: good for you :ok_hand:

My girls are the sheila sista’s…they have done me good so far :slight_smile: i am but a virgin grower myself…from the uk i wish you all the luck with you lady!

P.s this site has helped me heaps and bounds, so ur in the right place :+1:

The Sheila Sista’s

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Those are gorgeous