Okay guys new grower in need of advice! Lol

Okay guys I’m brand new to this site and I’m also a new beginner growing! Although I’m excited about starting my own grow I’m a little concerned about my plants they are two weeks old and they are about 6 inches tall give or take they only have about two leaves on each plant they look healthy but my problem is I’ve seen other photos of people’s plants at two weeks and they have several other branches and leaves and the stocks seem to be a little thicker than mine I’m using a 65 watt LED panel and I’m using miracle grow soil watering with tap water and I’m using a homemade grow box I made rigged up out of an old plastic tote used to store clothes in I’ve got reflective material duck taped all around the inside of the box and I’m using a box fan for air flow about two feet away from the plants not to much wind but enough to strengthen them without blowing them away lol also I’m growing auto flower plants anubis kush and og kush not sure if that matters but maybe that will help you guys help me out with understanding why my plants are tall and slim and only have a few leaves any info helps guys and any tips for a new grower is much appreciated thanks again!

It sounds like your plants are reaching for the light, and that you need more light. If your LED (I use LED as well) is more than 18" away from your plants your lumens at plant level are significantly lower than optimum. I keep my LED panels (6x 225LED 64W blue and white) 6" above the plants until about day 20, then I increase the distance to no more than 12".

You really need more light for those ladies. Remember, light is the food for your plants. It is the light energy converted via photosynthesis that your plant uses for growth. More light equals more growth, and more internodes, with less spacing between internodes. Flood that room with more light before you end up with a vine instead of a bush.

Grow big, grow healthy, and most of all… GROW PATIENTLY!

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Pictures can help too, but it sounds like they are stretching for light.


Thanks! Okay I read your comment and immediately went upstairs and adjusted my plants I propped the solo cups up on a little box I found to bring them closer to the light so hopefully that helps also just curious if my plants for some reason do stay Viney instead of bushy will they still flower? I’m honestly not expecting a magnificent yeild with this being my first grow but I would be happy with atleast a few grams off each plant just to say I grew it lol but I’m just a little concerned now with them being 2 weeks of age and they’re already tall and skinny and not very bushy and also I apologize in advanced for the questions but when should I expect an auto flower to start flowering I’ve read mixed reviews on that not sure if you have ever messed with an auto or not but maybe you can help me understand when I should expect them to start producing flower? Thanks again!

Hey! Thanks man yeah I’m going to upload some photos to show the progress shortly and I definitely propped the plants up a little closer to the light to help them out some I hope they start to Bush out soon I’m not sure of them being viney and tall will affect the flowering process or not that’s what I’m worried about!