Ok to Cover With Cheesecloth?

Is it ok to cover the plants at night with cheesecloth / muslin? We are having a terrible infestation of Gypsy moths & white flies. I spent like 2+ hours “grooming” my girls. I can’t keep doing this through harvest.

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Hey @Jezebel Welcome! And Happy growing!
You absolutely can cover your plants with cheesecloth. Preferred would be “unbleached”
cheesecloth, but of course, any kind would be fine.
Are they in flower?

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Whew! Because I did it, then worried it might weigh them down too much or stick to the trichomes. They are in flower. According to some peeps here, they have about 5-6 more weeks to go. It’s my first grow. :blush:

Follow-up question: Do I have to remove the cheesecloth for the plant to absorb sunlight, or can it do that through the cloth?