Ok then.. Cannabian dropped some embryos taday!

Okie dokie… on the menu for this summers outdoor/ greenhouse is…
Lebanese… seed from a reputable hash producer in that region.
Taskurghan… hard to get due to Taliban… but I got em.
Balkhi… so good last season I would be foolish not to.

Seeds soaking in wine glasses in distilled water overnight. Will be transferred direct to pro mix hp pre moistened in 1/2 gallon nursery pots tomorrow.


I’m here watchin :eyes: :sunglasses:

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Whalecum! Wont be too much action here… pretty basic stuff, but yeah… today Ill plant em in pre moistened pro mix hp

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So here we go…
Pre moistening pro mix hp

With warm water mix thoroughly until no more dust is made and the product is mildly damp.

Next, clean and prepare pots. If you reuse sour cream or use solo cups, a fast way to make drain holes is to use a lighter and quickly melt drain holes in the sides/bottom.

Lol @ embryos. You ovulating?

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Next… I firmly pack… and I mean firmly…I want these to be like plugs when I transplant. Clean the sides of the containers… so you can stick masking tape to them. Obviously we want to label them. :label:.

Yes they are embryos! Check out the components of a seed. Yeah its funny but… :laughing:

I’m here for the show. I really enjoy variety and you’re growing two strains I’ve never heard
of nor seen before. Hell, I’d pay for admission to watch these grow.

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Nice lineup Cannabian, always love seeing u grow out these landraces!


Ok we can clearly see that in 24 hours the seeds have taken on water and this proves the embryos will be activated due to shell penetration.

Next I place a paper towel in the sink to catch my seeds.

and I use the marker to dent the medium approximately 1/2 inch or so.


Next… I simply drop the seed into the hole, kick some medium ontop and drip 5 ml of water directly on the seed to ensure the shell is soft enough for the embryo to punch through into the pre moistened material.

As each seed is planted I then mark the container. DONT FORGET TO MARK THE CONTAINER!

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As yall can see this tutorial is geared primarily for the beginner and as such feel freebto tag them… do not hesitate to comment or be constructive at any point.

@Bulldognuts @dbrn32 @Hoppiefrog
Send any beginner here if they need a simple starter that is free of technical stuff. :wink:

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Thanks! These strains are usually available @ The Real Seed Company… Angus is a great guy and lives in Europe. He routinely travels around the ancient cannabis areas in search of good authentic genetics. He has a few friends that do the same. He sources the material from well known local producers. You really should check out his site.
I only grow original lines, with very few exceptions. @Hoppiefrog has some interesting genetics that I am interested in if for no other reason to see if they work for me and if they will finish herebin the greenhouse. Ive not been terribly impressed with the cbd poor high thc modern strains. Though Im sure if I looked around long enough Id find a contender. @MattyBear let beginners or those interested in super simple growing method


So now I wait… got a small heater in the room to try and get the temp up to around 78-80 American
@KoolHandLuke @kaptain3d


Going to be fun to watch! Thanks for the heads-up :nerd_face:

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Well Im glad to have ya, but you guys are already good at it… this is a place to send beginners especially if they are going to grow outdoors. Or if they want to learn how to grow cannabis the easiest way possible. Send em here…

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Ok everyone just a heads up on what Im using right now… i was growing lettuce and so thats a low light crop… my fixture is not all that different than an HLG… its a Fluence SpydrX and its running at around 36 percent

The dot matrix on the inkbird doesnt sync well with cellphone but it says 80 American same as the Ac infinity controller

To maintain 80 American I have a crappy little oil heater in there set to low and the AC Infinity controller set to hi temp of 82. The plants in there now are just a few different tomatoes that will bebused as mither plants so when the night temps warm up enough, I can plant mateur tomatoes. The pepper plant is the only know lemon jalapeño in captivity so…?
The light is set to 16/8 which in a week or 2 will be upped to 18/6.