Ok next lot of seed on route White widow blackberry and blue dream

Ok guys next lot of seeds on order 3x whitewidow auto 3x blackberry auto and a blue dream auto. Also got a free GSC auto and a Cindy 99 photo seed both free… My question is has anyone grown these and what are they like bombard me with photos​:heart::grin::joy:


I’ve grown white widow auto and it’s one that can be topped. It grows good outdoors too

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Here’s some WW autos to look at.

This one gave me 1/4lb :arrow_down:

:arrow_down:This one was 2+1/2 oz (She was a runt sister to the one above)


Im growin a white widow auto

But im using dark wizard genetics not ilgm seeds


Wow damn guys they look great in hoping my seeds produce aswell as yours have am UK based so using grizzly seed bank

Come-on guys if you’ve experience with any of these strains I’d love to see the outcome… Alert also just put 3 royal dwarf seed In to germinate

That was my very first grow and I really screwed the pooch on that one. Last year, before I found this site, I had no idea what I was doing and just blundered my way to eventually harvesting too early and with a boatload of issues.
I will say however, Blue Dream as a strain and grown right is excellent smoke.

This is Blue Dream from a year ago.

Used this for my profile pic for a while. :arrow_down:

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Loving this pic hope my turns out as well as that bro

3 royal dwarf seed dropped 36 hours ago upon inspection this morning I have 3 cracked just waiting on tap roots growing one for a friend and he said can keep the other two​:joy::joy::joy: