Ok my first shot at autos.... I incorporated this little thing in my grow and she's a few days from harvest!


Her name is "Mighty Mouse " :joy:
She’s a few days from harvest at 44 days from seed she is a dwarf low flyer… she is the easiest auto ever !!! I fed her once and boom she went into flower she’s a full 14 inches tall full of resinous bud not much but looks and smells great see for yourself…


ILGM autos are pretty awesome. :sunglasses:


What strain is your plant?


Dwarf low flyer


oh ok, I thought that was the description. Sounds sweet. I like 'em like that. Good deal!


@Wigsplit,nice bud!!! i will be getting some Dwarf low flyer autos for next winter…looks delicious!
what is the height on that low flyer by the way?


I have 2 this one just decided to stay short and flower quick the other is 29 inches still flowering away I called her Amazonia :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1::joy:


that’s what i need,i have plenty of little cubby holes for grows,but not much head room…lol


Get them they are very cool short and stealth :+1::+1::seedling::grin:


is the smell overpowering?


Noway she smells like blueberries not bad at all


I’ll put up a pick side by side in a few they remind me of the movie “Twins” Arnold and devito … lmao :grin::grin::grin::grin:


Same age difference one in 5 gal maxx pot the bigger in a 7 gal maxx pot


keep us posted through harvest,i would like a tally please…lol


Sure thing :+1: