OK, my 1st grow - Blueberry Autos


Absolutely! @Countryboyjvd1971 I save a little here and a little there to get what I need/want. And if I could grow inside I’d be bugging the dickens out of you & @dbrn32 about cheap lights :rofl:.


And that’s what will get you by until your finances allow for more goodies :+1: That Love & all the great people here with advice, input and encouragement :grinning:


I am amazed at the new growth underneath! I pulled the fans open to allow more light to get in. This is Poppy… @bob31 @Hogmaster I think she’ll be ready to fim tomorrow. Whaddya think?


Another angle of the top… @bob31 @Hogmaster


And Pokey is just as happy!!


She is so compact I can’t quite count the nodes (true sets of leaves) ? @jusgettinby


3 full sets open & the 4th should be fully open tomorrow based on what I’ve watched her do so far… @bob31


So you will want to see if the 4th and 5th nodes are close enough together to FIM. I think I had to do 5th and 6th. Did I give you the fim chart already?



Yessir, I have the fim chart. Thanks @bob31


This is an auto, right? If so, you are probably gonna want to top soon. You can also experiment since you have 2 plants and top one now and one after the next node too. :+1:


Here we go… Before


Whew! That felt a lot more stressful than it probably should have! :roll_eyes: @bob31 @Covertgrower @Hogmaster @MattyBear
And after…


Here’s what she looks like from above…

I think I’m gonna be ok. Baby’s going back in the tent for the night now…


I think you’ll be just fine and glad that you did it!


Thanks @MattyBear I hope you’re right! I just laughed myself silly over getting so worked up over a quick snip! I guess I can’t really screw it up, after all, that’s why they call it FIM right!? @bob31 @Covertgrower @SmoknGranny


Yep :+1:It’ll be my first time come spring and I will probably be just as nervous!


It’s just a quick snip, you won’t feel a thing unless you really miss! @jusgettinby


She’ll forgive you next time you feed her. Haha. Nice job @jusgettinby


@Covertgrower @bob31 I really don’t know if I trimmed them correctly. Poppy looks more like she’s been topped and Pokey seems to look kinda shaggy… more like a F**k I Missed… pH & tds meters arrive tomorrow and I’m waiting for them for the next watering, they’re still a tad moist this morning and leaves don’t look droopy at all. I’m going to give them their 1st feeding of FF Grow Big, 1/2 strength. I did pull the fans out/down a little to let more light down into the plants…
Poppy will be officially 2 weeks from sprout tomorrow and Pokey is 1 day behind her.

on my laptop now, pics to come… @SmoknGranny @noobius @Rugar89 @Countryboyjvd1971



Here’s Pokey