OK, my 1st grow - Blueberry Autos


@bob31 so you let 5 nodes grow and then back to 4 or do you top/fim the 4th node down to 3? I really don’t want to eff anything up cuz they just look so damned good as they are… I’m thinking I might just let 'em grow and do some lst as they go. I can already see new under growth coming out on the 1st & 2nd nodes… They’re gonna be monsters!! :crazy_face:

I watered with pH’d water to very yellow which should be 6.0 - 6.5. I gave a full watering as both plants were dry all around the fabric pots all the way down the length of my forefinger. I read somewhere that a rule of thumb for watering is to water to 20% runoff and check that pH. Somewhere else I read that for every gallon size pot, water 1 quart… So my 1st try with that idea went like this… 3 gallon pots=3 qts water… however I’m using a 12 oz glass and each pot asked for 4 glasses of water to 20% runoff which should be = to 48 oz or 1.5 qts… 1/2 the amount on the guide I saw. I’m thinking part of that is the fact they’re still small. As they grow I’m sure they’ll drink more water.

pH in = 6.0-6.5
runoff = ~4.5/5.0-5.5 or so

I have no idea what the pH for the runoff should be at for ffof but this is obviously fairly acidic… is that what I’m looking for?

on my laptop now, will upload pics in a bit.





And Pokey staying exactly 1 day behind her sister all the way so far…


the FFOF should be 6.5 - 6.8 pH @jusgettinby

I gotta tell you that for under $12 you can get a pH meter. All these ranges are way too broad for consistent growing.

There is a huge difference between 4.5 and 6.5 and for potted MJ too much incorrectly pH’d water will stunt them and harm your harvest.

get a meter.



your in good hands was checking out the forum and found your thread just wanted to stop in and say hello
I’ll be watching but Bobby seems to have your covered at the moment woohoo


hahaha @Countryboyjvd1971


I fim the fifth and 6th nodes or I top after the 4th node @jusgettinby



@bob31 thanks again, I’m not stoopid just a little confused and concerned…

About the ph meter, laid off in September & doing this grow on a tight budget… $12 is $12. I’ll get 1 next week. With that being said, they exploded overnight!! :grin:

Here’s Poppy


Here’s Pokey



@jusgettinby the first couple weeks is when they do most growing under the dirt so now you see upwards growth strap and n buddy lol enjoy the ride


not sure why you said that? no one here thinks that. topping and fimming are done at different nodes and i wanted to be clear to you and anyone else reading!

fimming vs trimming


I do the budget drill every winter fortunately most things are one time investment and the more successful harvests you get the sooner you notice the savings the first couple of grows are hardest $$ but the money saved from no longer buying doesn’t take long to pass start up costs


@jusgettinby what @Donaldj said
Initial investment is biggest expense and you can grow you equipment over time


@bob31 it was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, probably reveals something Freudian about how I feel sometimes when I ask a lot of questions… :joy:


ok, bro sometimes its hard to tell sometimes via the written word. Just wanted to make sure nothing I said made you feel that way. All good, lol @jusgettinby

Everything is gonna be just fine! :v::+1::palm_tree::grinning:


You aren’t the only one here on a budget and counting pennies :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m in the same boat as well as many others here. So hang in there :hugs:


@SmoknGranny i think we all start off the same way on the shoe string budget
But ince you start saving some $$ because your not buying the bud we all love so much tou can invest some of that savings back into grow equipment
I built my stock of lights ect up over time I certainly didnt have thousands to lay out all at once
Being that i still work full time im am fortunate that i can find a few extra when needed
So yeah budget growing imo actually makes for a better growee caus syou learn to to do more with less
Agree with you on stick in there @jusgettinby


Thanks to all! I certainly don’t think my monetary experience is a unique one… Anyway…

I started this science project just under $200…

450W ViparSpectra LED - $130
2x2x4 tent $36
FFOF - $20
3-gallon fabric pots - $6.50
liquid ph kit - $8

Since I’ve bought ratchet clips for light - $7

Now I’m just airing out water, setting the ph as best I can eyeball color and watching them grow! If I only get an ounce off these 2 girls total, which would actually be quite disappointing, the equipment is paid for! Then the next grow is all gravy!



It’s not much really, considering what you’d be paying a dealer for, random strains where it came from, and how it was grown. @jusgettinby


Exactly @Covertgrower ! I’ll know exactly what I have and it will be grown with my extra, secret ingredient… LOTS 'o LOVE!!! :sunglasses: