OK, my 1st grow - Blueberry Autos


They do, until the very last week of flowering. The last week is filled with anticipation, but they don’t physically change much, just trichomes.


Look at how tight these nodes are! No stretch and leaves are reaching up… I’m happy! Has anyone figured out how to move the calendar ahead 10 weeks?? :roll_eyes:


Let us know if you figure that one out! @jusgettinby

My 2nd grow! Looking to chat about it ;)

The girls are 6 & 7 days old today. Poppy is only 1" tall with 3 definite nodes & I can see 4th starting. Pokey being a day younger, the smaller leaf came out twisted & seems to be ok… Watered yesterday and will wait until tomorrow to see if they need it. These fabric pots seem to dry out pretty quickly. Just using pH’d water & letting the ffof do its thing.

Pics to come.


This is Poppy


And here’s Pokey, see the smaller leaf on the 2nd node? I’m gonna keep an eye on her nodes as they form…

Oh yeah, lights are 18/6 @ 24" as manufacture suggestion.



Looking good and I see you are a soil starter like myself. Keep up the great work


I consider myself a spiritual man… :joy:

I’m sure you meant soil but this is becoming a passion


My bad you right soil haha lol. Dang auto spell correct


So this is my 1st real question. My ViparSpectra 450W LED has VEG & BLOOM switches.

When I run the light with VEG only the temperature stays around 82° with 59-64% RH.

When I turn on the BLOOM switch, the temperature stays around 92° & RH is between 48-54%. Is this going to be an issue as the grow progresses? They both “look good” and are growing like weeds! :sweat_smile:

It looks like they’re happy now I just don’t want to stunt anything…

No matter the daytime temp, the nights have stayed around 70-72°. Let me know if you need more data. Thanks!



@jusgettinby when you ask questions it’s a good practice to tag so we don’t take our time coming back around.

Air circulation. Sounds like you’ll need more.

Ideal temps are more like 75 and withing 10 degrees for night time.


@bob31 thanks for the quick response! I’ll try to remember to tag moving forward


Don’t forget me! Central MA for me.


I did forget you! Sorry @Bogleg


Nice to meet you @Bogleg!


What a difference a day makes!

@Hogmaster @Rugar89 @bob31 if I want to FIM Poppy, a Blueberry auto, do I want to cut off part of the 4th node as it’s coming out? I didn’t expect to see the 4th node before week 3… Are my growth expectations that far off?


And here’s Pokey. I’m going to water tomorrow, that’s why the RH is so low tonight before bedtime for the girls…


She needs a little more time you have to top or fem them at the right time or they will not take


@Hogmaster I guess that’s what I’m trying to learn… that magic moment. What node do you snip & when? Do you have a pic of what I’m looking to see? Thanks brother! @Rugar89 @bob31



I usually top after 4th node! @jusgettinby

fimming vs trimming