OK, my 1st grow - Blueberry Autos


Hi there everyone, the twins are doing fine. Not much to say about it right now… just letting them do what they’re supposed to do. :grin:


I just saw the humidity… it drops fast when I open the tent. Generally when I look in it’s between 59-63. Temps are steady at 83-85° during the lights on and 72-75° @ lights out


Another day just watching the grass grow… Poppy is 1 day ahead of Pokey, 5 days & 4 days old respectively. I gave them significant water this morning, 1st time more than just drizzling…

Pulled soil up around the stalk to grow stronger roots & stalk. Lights are at 27" and Poppy has been straight out until this morning, she seems to be turning her tips up. I’m going to let the light down to 24" tomorrow, I think Poppy will be fine waiting 1 day & Pokey just looks like she needs another day.



cruise control at this point @jusgettinby It won’t be long till they explode!


@jusgettinby They girls are looking good. I will be following along closely as I plan to try some of the auto bb in the future. Hope you have a great grow and an even better yeilds!


Good morning all! @bob31 how long does it actually take from start to finish on these BBAs? I’m trying to understand if the total grow time is 8-9 weeks or if that’s the flowering time… If I understand, the autos start to flower around week 3. Do I have 5-6 more weeks from flower or 8-9?
@Rugar89 what was your experience? Thanks again all!!




The girls are doing fine!!


Mine flowered at almost exactly the four week mark. One was done at exactly 8 weeks of flowering and the second took like 9 weeks and a day or two.

90 days Sprout to harvest is a pretty good number, but every grow is different @jusgettinby

My BBA’s flowering at 4 weeks caught me off guard and I started them in larger yogurt cups and had to transplant them into three gallon bags but i got lucky. I would imagine your BBA’s should do better than my two that produced just more than an ounce total of dried bud.

the next grow, I expect to double that harvest!


Thanks brother that’s the definitive answer I was looking for! I think I saw in 1 of your posts @bob31 that you’re in MA, I am too…



I am in MA I’m in the Merrimack Valley. I prefer not to be too specific even though it’s legal, but there are quite a few of us on here @jusgettinby

@Smokin_ernie @North_East_Newbie @Capt_Seeweed @Kapelady @WillyJ @Patsbasement

Just to name a few! There are others, but I’ve sort of lost track. @bruinsfan33 is just North of me across the border and @Screwauger @Willd are residents of the Pine Tree State.


Wow! I’m north of boston and my daughter & ex are in the Merrimack Valley… Are there any ways of connecting off site? I completely understand not sharing personal info openly here… just curious


I’m a bit south of you…down cape :ocean:


Not really @jusgettinby Unless we cross paths at the next cannabis conventions. haha

it’s a violation of the forum rules to share contact info so we can preserve our anonymity. A violation could carry up to a lifetime suspension.


No desire whatsoever to get banned from this place… Here’s to sharing a
virtual bowl with ya!



cheers on that!



yessir! where’d ya find the emoji? very coo!


Stole it from another member, lol! Please feel free to steal from me! Right click and save image as…



My first one was 88 days from sprout to harvest.
The second plant was quite a bit longer because I had to force her into flower.


They seem to change all day everyday…