OK, my 1st grow - Blueberry Autos


I have my Mars Hydro 960 watt (400 TRUE watts) at 30" above the tops of my 1 week old seedlings. In another week I will put them at 25" for the rest of the grow.


I use a t5 but if you set the light at the recommended manufacturer setting you should be fine @jusgettinby


Thanks again @Rugar89 and @bob31. I’m so happy I found a place I can ask questions and get real advice!!



You’re welcome! We look forward to your successful harvest! @jusgettinby

You will have to change your username to justkillinit


Found it @jusgettinby and now following ~ thanks.


@bob31 thanks but I’m not there yet! The waiting is the hardest part… I can’t wait for them to say hello!


Here comes #1!!! Ain’t she just adorable!?

I feel like I should be yelling PUSH PUSH & it’s ok… just breathe. :smile:


All out of likes, but hey they broke ground! @jusgettinby


Woo Hoo! Congrats Papa!


I’m gonna name #1 Poppy cuz she popped up 1st, I’ll call #2 Pokey cuz she’s slow to come up! :rofl:


Good morning from #1 Poppy… Looks good on day 1.5, her stalk and leaf tips are bluish, i don’t know if that will show… but I still haven’t seen #2 Pokey yet…

Hygrometer should be here today. Just drizzling with pH’d tap water that’s sat 24 hours for now



@bob31 @Hogmaster @Rugar89 do these #s look about right? My new toy has been in the tent for about an hour now… What temperature & RH ranges should I be working for? Are they different for different times of day & age of the plant? Thanks!



And here comes Pokey, fashionably late… :wink:


Looks fine to me.


Thanks man!


Awesome! @jusgettinby


If it goes under 60% RH I would dome them. The temps look good is that gonna be pretty constant? @jusgettinby


@bob31 yes that seems to be a very constant temp and RH it’s been 83.4 F and 63% RH most of the day with the light on. I’ve got them on 18/6 and lights out at 9P and back on at 3A and it keeps records of highs/lows. I’ll have more data tomorrow… that’s kinda my geeky side, I’m gonna track the temp/rh in a spreadsheet and watch for fluctuations. one of my concerns is that if the RH is this high now with just a little water in the pots, what’s it gonna be when I’m in flower watering more and trying to keep it lower for resin production… At least they’re autos so I won’t have to worry about the lights and can open the tent etc… I think that’s what I’ve read, seen so much schtuff it’s a bit mind boggling…



Increased airflow will lower temps and humidity in your tent @jusgettinby and yes autos will tolerate any light schedule though all growing things still need time to rest!

I always record the temps and rh in my tent until I am familiar with what it is doing. MJ is pretty tolerant of temp and RH after they get into veg. But they prefer even temps +/- 10 degrees


Thanks @bob31 I think my temps & RH are fine for now. They’re doing fine so far!