OK, my 1st grow - Blueberry Autos


Thank you all again!


@bob31 I helped a friend with an outdoor grow some 30 years ago. I’ve tried some stuff like trying to grow seeds I found in the stash etc. This is my 1st time to invest $ to build a space & really try to grow my own medicine.


Here is a link to my last grow doing two BBA. It was also my first grow ever. They went from soaking, to paper towels, to solo cups, to three gallons pots, and one of them went to a 5 gallon pot. Both were topped.

Rugar's World: The Adventures Into My New Hobby!




@Rugar89 did you see a yeild difference between 3 and 5 gallon pots?


@Rugar89 i just spent my morning reading your 1st Grow Journal. Dude, you did an AMAZING job documenting everything you did and the results are awesome!

My 2 seeds soaked 24 hours and are in wet paper towels now. I was going to put them both in peat pots to start after they pop but @bob31 suggests going from paper straight to the 3 gallon pots. I might try 1 of each and see if there’s any real difference…

I’m very curious about your topping them. I thought you weren’t supposed to top autos. @Hogmaster I saw you in a lot of his journal, what are the pros/cons of topping an auto? Thanks all!

@Donaldj - tagging you because you’ve had some great input! Thanks!


Lol I don’t think I have posted in this thread figured you had enough skilled growers helping and advising my skill set is rounded but I specialize in environment and hydro. Not saying I don’t grow in soil just there are more skilled people in soil on your thread :wink:


ok, well if you happen to see anything that seems off with my grow, please don’t hesitate to speak up!



Hard question to answer.
It was a stubborn auto that wouldn’t flower, and was getting huge for the 3 gallon pot. So Im not sure if the yield was bigger because of the transplant to the 5 gallon pot because her colas were big to start with.


Thank you sir!
When I started that grow and most of the way through it, I was self employed and working from home so I was able spend time babying them and documenting everything. Then I went to work for a company and as you can see toward the end of the grow journal I wasn’t posting nearly as much because I didn’t have time.

I think the key to transplanting is getting the plant out along with all the soil around the root ball all intact. The plant doesn’t know its in another pot as long as the roots are still covered in the same soil its been growing in. Just my opinion.

I topped them in week three after giving them a few days of being in the bigger pots after transplanting. I think one was topped after the 5th node and the other after the 6th. Within a week I had two tops growing instead of one.

There were several journals going with autos being topped at the time, so I just followed suit. This was my first grow and maybe I just got lucky, but who knows. But I do know it worked for me and I will repeat the transplanting and topping on this grow as well, and hopefully get the same or better results this time around.


It’s not recommended but if you can catch it at the right time before it goes in to transition you can Top it ! I’ve had better luck fiming Usually get at least three sometimes four off of the Fim :wink: it’s all timing


Good morning all! My seeds arrived Friday and 2 immediately went into a cup with pH’d water for a 24 hour soak, then into a damp paper towel. This morning, 48 hours after dropping in the water, both have tails. I took @bob31 advice and put them straight into their forever homes. I moistened the soil in the very center of the pot, pushed my finger into the 1st knuckle and placed the babies in the dirt and lightly covered them with soil. Hopefully I’ll post pics of their little selves popping up tomorrow!



Keep us posted! I’m at the edge of my seat @jusgettinby


Woot! Can’t wait to watch these girls grow @jusgettinby!


Do you have some clear domes to cover them? Sprouts want 78 degrees and high humidity! I like to give it to them before they even sprout! @jusgettinby


I’m just going to be lurking in the background watching your success :grinning: due to all the folks here always ready to help.


Hi @SmoknGranny, I’m happy to have you hanging around!

@bob31 I’m getting some clear cups tomorrow and will order a hygrometer. But I can feel the temp is around 75-80 and the rh seems good. I’ll give details as soon as they’re available. Thanks to all!



You can use a 2l plastic soda bottle with the bottom cut off for a dome.


I have another question about lighting. My ViparSpectra 450W LED says I should be at 30" for seedlings so I don’t burn them. What suggestions does anyone have about a ‘seedling light’ for a week or so to keep stretching to a minimum? Thanks!