OK, my 1st grow - Blueberry Autos


Maybe yours wont affect the filter as much as it did for the other fellow. Just a heads up if your filter seems to not be working as well as it should be.


I bought the wicking one at the urging of CB! @Countryboyjvd1971


Yeah I bought that one at the urging of both of you! Haha! Keeps my basement nice tho. I think the combo of them is the bomb.


Just be careful about placing the cool mist next to fitler @Bogleg thanks for tag @bob31


The filter is at the top of the tent and the mister is on the floor. 80” tent. That should be ok you think? Sorry to hijack this thread!


Theres been a few people who have experienced this situation @bob31
Matt420 and a few others matt had to replace his filter after 4 months of use or less cause of humidifier so yeah not advised evaporative type is much better and what they install into your home heating systems when you buy brand new forced warm air unit best option imo


Good morning all! I don’t know what she’s doing but there’s a lot of stuff going on here… Seriously, could someone tell me what this growth is?

The stems below are so bushy I had to guide/tie them down so I can see the plant! @bob31 @Bogleg @Covertgrower @SmoknGranny @Countryboyjvd1971 @MattyBear



And here’s how Pokey is taking to her trim…


New growth from a fim can look strange, but they will take off again! :+1:


Thanks for the encouragement!

It really is a hellofa lot more fun watching the grass grow now that I’m older and can appreciate it!!! :sunglasses:


good line! @jusgettinby


Everything is looking great @jusgettinby


Good morning folks.nnNo pics today, I’ll post this weekend. The girls look good and were thirsty this morning…

water in pH’d to 6.8 out at 5.9
ppm in 111 out 152

If anyone can tell me if these #s look right using FFOF I would appreciate a knowing mind…

@bob31 @Bogleg @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @Rugar89 @Hogmaster @MattyBear @AnneBonny @SmoknGranny



I don’t do soil so I’m not helpful with your PPM and PH numbers. But everyone else knows that stuff. :slight_smile:


Nice looking plants! I’ve got one ILGM Blueberry Auto growing now. It will be interesting to see how your BB growth compares to hers.


I have a couple plants in FFOF and ph in was 5.8 out was 2.9 last watering.


Hmm… @roost1 I thought water in should be pH’d to 6.8 with FFOF? I’m certainly no expert on this! @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 what do y’all think?



I use FFOF @jusgettinby. One plant is 6.1 in 6.5 out and the other is 6.4 in 6.5 out it all depends on strain, etc but you shouldnt be putting in 6.8 and getting 5.9 out I would suspect.

My PPM on just a watering day is about 350 in 1150 out (roughly).

when you say 111 and 152 is that 1110 and 1520? That would make more sense.


The tds meter instructions said sometimes there will be a 10X symbol which maybe I didn’t see… That would match your #s @Tylan. What should the out be? The water in was 6.8 and out was 5.9. The girls look great so I think they’re happy! I’m growing 2 Blueberry autos.



@roost1 Those pH numbers are way off.

Lets have you start a topic about your pH


+New Topic in the upper right corner and tag me like @bob31