OK, my 1st grow - Blueberry Autos


OK folks @bob31@ironjoe @1BigFella @Donaldj. I finally received my seeds. I say finally… I ordered them last Wednesday 11/8 and I received the notice the order had been processed this past Monday 11/12. Today is Friday afternoon 11/17 and 2 seeds are already soaking on my desk!!! Pretty amazing I think for an international order to be delivered to the east coast!! I will add pics once they pop their pretty little heads up out of the soil!

I’m using 3 gal fabric pots, FoxFarm Ocean Forest with FF soil nutes a 450W ViparSpectra LED in a 2’x2’x4’ tent I’ll start them in soil in peat pots once they pop. Looking at funds, I’ll purchase a taller tent by week 3/4 and should easily be able to move them. Then I’ll start a couple more as they’ll be ready to move as the others are finishing… Should be a hellofa lot of fun with a perpetual harvest!!!

I feel like I’ve been waiting for my Red Ryder air gun. At least I know I won’t put anyone’s eye out!! :slight_smile: Happy Growing!!!


Amnesia haze auto grow journal
My 2nd grow! Looking to chat about it ;)

I forgot to mention I have a 6" fan for circulation


Sounds like you’re on your way @jusgettinby Best of luck I will try to be of any assistance I can but not a soil grower at present so fairly inexperienced there.

I am tracking so I can follow along. Keep us posted. I am growing 2 BBA’s (ILGM) currently and a green crack auto (not ilgm genetics).


Thanks @screwauger. I helped a friend with an outdoor grow about 30 years
ago but this is my 1st real attempt.

Hydro just seems to be very time intensive or is that just how it sounds?
In your opinion, what makes hydro better? Thanks!


My 2nd grow! Looking to chat about it ;)

I am growing in coco coir/perlite mix. @jusgettinby
I am using a device called an autopot which is considered "passive hydro."
My pots are bottom fed continuously from a 12 gallon reservoir.
There are theories that say hydro can/does grow larger plants (but all other variables count more I think temp, RH, lumens, etc).
This autopot system waters itself for up to 12 days or more depending on number of pots/stage of growth. At peak with two pots lasts about 5 days.
So to answer your question, for me this coco/autopot was for simplicity and ease of use. It did grow fairly large plants my last grow and I am currently experimenting to see how large I can coax autoflowers to get.


Grats on your start @jusgettinby but I have 1 suggestion for you…ffof is good soil but kinda hot for seedings so just flush the soil really good and let it dry out before you plant your seeds. It will go better for you. And good luck.


@Daddy thanks! I never thought about that


@Screwauger thx for sharing your journal! I’ll have time to read all of it later. But those 1st pics look great!


My pleasure @jusgettinby

It’s a lot of info. My first grow was two photo period plants in a scrog. Went fairly well.

Now I have three auto’s going. Already had a few set backs but will get this tent dialed in if I have to spend another $1000. That light @Covertgrower just bought has all my juices flowing.

Lots of help and expertise here to take advantage of and folks are very willing to assist.


Thanks again @Screwauger!! Everyone on here has been very warm & welcoming! @bob31 told me he didn’t think 1 450W LED will be enough for flowering. Even in a taller tent I’ll have about the same footprint. What kind of ‘affordable’ lights should I use to supplement. Just like everything else, it has to take it’s place in the budget!



Welcome to the forum! @jusgettinby @Screwauger was just talking this light in my grow journal. Welcome to stop by!
First grow, first post


Remind what size tent you’ll be flowering in?

2 bba in ffof 3 gallon pots. @jusgettinby

Do you know the actual draw wattage of the light?


Hey @bob31 I thought about the fact that I should have listed everything instead of conversing about it all.

2 seeds soaking
2’x2’x4’ tent
450W ViparSpectra LED
3 gallon fabric pots
FoxFarm Ocean Forest & FF soil nutes

Thanks again to all for the input!



@bob31 the actual draw is 200W
And I’ll be buying a 2’x3’x63"


That light should cover your tent

2x3 is 6 sq feet. You want 30-50 watts per sq foot. That light draws 200

the recommended is 180-300

ok, so what are we waiting for @jusgettinby ??

I love the BBA’s I grew a couple over the summer. They were awesome and one of mine earned the ILGM Bud of the Month award in September 2017

They are a proven strain. When those seeds tap out, go right into the 3 gallon pots for sprouting.

have you grown before?


@Daddy @jusgettinby

You will have to flush that FFOF a lot to cool it down! Kind of defeats the purpose. Better off using FFHF in solo cups once they germinate, then going to FFOF when you transplant to your three gallon pots.


Thanks everyone, @rugar89 I flushed the pots last night and they should dry
in a few days. What should I be watching for to know if the babies are ok?



@bob31 you suggest starting them in the pots. Is this to prevent any
transplant shock? With all of my reading the only thing I should be
concerned with is over watering them in the large pots. Do you have a
watering schedule I can use as a guide for this and what to watch for?
Thanks again for everyone’s help here, y’all are restoring my faith in



Yes @jusgettinby because they are autos you don’t want to do anything to stunt their growth so putting them immediately into their forever home is the best option.


You will want to look for burnt/yellowing leaf tips (nute burn).