OK it's time for a watering


OK it’s time for a watering, and I’m 3 days into 12/12 they are actually do for a feeding of FF grow big a veg nute … What do I feed them… Tiger bloom? A flowering nute?


Someone shared this with me and I love it :+1::white_check_mark:


Hi @Edward7983! Sure, this is a good time to start feeding with Tiger Bloom, 2 tsps per 1 gallon of water should do it. :+1: :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the help… I’ll start them on flowering nutes then


Yeah if that chart didn’t come with your nutts when you bought them you should down load it and follow schedule but work your way up to full dose is what was recommended to me
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You know I agree with that!!! I always use nutrients at half strength and that works best for me, but others do say they like full strength, soooo…

I guess it’s one of those individual preferences, and of course, the preference of the individual plant. As long as you stay within the recommended dose you should be fine. :sunglasses:


But keep in mind don’t start off full strength, that’s a great way to burn your plants and you don’t wanna necessarily have that happen in flower. Take it slow at first and I’m sure you’ll do fine.

Giving her flower nutrients being 3 days into 12/12 could be a bad move a full strength especially when introducing her to new food, or a new nutrient. Also keep in mind in the first few weeks of using a nutrient for veg phase slowly wing her off of that. Once at about 3rd to 4th week you can completely stop using veg nutrients.

If your not using veg nutrients even better again, just start off light (1/2 the recommended dosage) with the flower nutrients and you should be fine.

Happy growings my friend good luck


Thanks for the tips guys and sis… I went with 1 teaspoon per gal… The directions said between 2 to 3 for general feeding… I might bump it up as time goes on… So far so good


Well that would be the correct way to go about it, slowly increase over time, good luck!


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