Ok i pruned her tell me im ok

well i took a chance and pruned and tied down it was just to bushy no lite in middle or lower branches i took the bottom 1/3 leaves off and puled down and tied off i put the scrog on top to bend over main branch now at least geting lite all over plant this is my first indoor grow the plant is a zittles auto please give me your advice and oplnion on what i did good or bad im still experemiting but damn sure dont want to lose her app all advice thanks a lot! plant is 6 wks old thumbnail (11)|225x500


Looks good!

Nice job.

Nice job looks great :ok_hand:

Your ok, good job🤘

Looks Good ! give her a couple days to recover & she should be fine .

I have one zitttles downstairs and she is a couple of weeks ahead of yours . But finally someone else is growing the strain my wife are I are waiting to enjoy. The tichcomes are showing and they are clear lube as we like to call them.

They are twice the size in this pic… and bushy also. i had pruned the crap out of them both The other one is a Western Grail.

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You’re :ok_hand: :ok:

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Good work nothing wrong with that

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i fill a lot better now thanks to all who responded il let you know in a couple of wks how shes doing cant wait to see big buds thanks again


Neither can we👍

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