Ok here I go The start of my outdoor 2022

@Dforce here’s a few more pictures of my little bitty grow room


Just keep an eye on them trichombs, when they start to amber on them buds, chop chop. :laughing::laughing:

@Dforce thanks I’ve already harvested 1, it was a little older than this one.

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Looks tasty :money_mouth_face:

It’s banana kush it is very tasty one of my favorite.:yum:

Yeah I hope they do but if they do I’ll need another closet at least for a while until I get them big enough to flip

@Dforce forgot to do the @ thingy, anyway I don’t know if you got that but I said is banana kush autos from ilgm and it tastes awesome

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@Dforce I’ve actually clone Tomatoes before but not cannabis if these clones live I will have to figure out another closet to put them in until they’re big enough to flip

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I’ve only cloned cannabis

As for banana kush I haven’tried or grown it, to many on list.

@Fieldofdreams so I did clones off the sour diesel, looking like at least 2 maybe 3 going to make it :sweat_smile:

same little clone just under different light

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Just make sure you keep them leaves damp, maybe a plastic bottle cut in half to keep the humidity up in the 90’s. I got my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

@Ronniepatrick981 very cool!! And the next adventure begins again lol!!

@Dforce I’ve only grown it twice I’ve also grown Super Silver Haze photos Super Lemon Haze Auto White Widow autos now I’m doing wedding cake Auto and zittles Auto and I thought Sour Diesel Auto but it looks like it’s going to be Sour Diesel photo laugh out loud😛 it’s so pretty till I’m just happy with it I will nourish it and love it and grow it and have some beautiful buds come from it

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Well you know I’m growing Wedding Cake auto’s now. I finish Zkittlez auto before them, here a trimmed pic.


Ya she’s definitely looking good. She’s on my list, so is White Widow lol

@Dforce going to put them in the seed starter trays they have covers with little lights

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She is beautiful, I can tell, I still have a lot to learn, I haven’t been able to grow mine that big, I think I need a better light to do that, but what I get is enough and it is fun, and it’s good :yum::stuck_out_tongue:

![20220622_201452|666x500] (upload://qdnynOvI1QmpmmDjLSdDvU2QkRq.jpeg)
My cucumbers :yum:


She was grown in Coco with jacks nutrients, it was the 1st time with both. I learned most of the tricks here, I’ve when through Hellraisers journals start to finish, so much info from him, as so many others here that have given me Great advice. Hellraiser has been missing from here for quite some time, and missed by so many, :disappointed_relieved: he had no problem sharing with anyone that had questions.

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