Ok here I go The start of my outdoor 2022

Looking good ! I bet they smell nice


I have to agree with nip. Looking really nice there Sir.


@Dforce @Nip thanks y’all, and yes the smell is really strong. The SSH has some skunk origin so it is really strong. I think I’m going to go up on my filter size. Have a 4 inch, need a 6 inch.

. One of my SSH buds


I always liked the Skunk Weed I used to smoke back in High School it was one of the popular strains then , and you knew it was Skunk by the Smell

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@Nip I think I can remember that far back :rofl::rofl:.oh yeah I remember those days we had to be careful where we smoked at,but if anyone got close we would all start acting like there must be a skunk close by


We smoked that stuff on the backroads in the 80’s. We got pulled over by local and he asked what was that smell? We told him we ran over a skunk. He believed us and let us go.


@GreggT now that made me bust out laughing :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.

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@RPgrower Ended up after he retired, we got our smoke from him!! We found out that when he made a bust, it would go unreported and no ticket was issued. He just kept it and sold it on the side to our suppliers. They were in it together!!! :rofl: :rofl:

I’ve heard a few stories like that, crazy things back in the day.

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That SSH bud looks pretty nice Sir.

@GreggT that stuff still is happening in the states where they haven’t legalized it.

I agree with you…

@Dforce thanks I think I may be a little early, but I think it is going to be some pretty good stuff. Was supposed to have 2 ready, but due to over nutes one slowed down a little so it will get to go a little longer

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@Dforce I been growing bigger tighter buds since I installed the new 300l hlg rspec. Cheap lights vs good more expensive lights does make a lot of difference

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: I always carried my 1 hit sneak a toke pipe in my pocket, see which way the wind blowed and hit it! I would smoke anywhere

I just Busted out laughing! RunOver a Skunk , people smoke Loud around here, you can smell it along way off

@Dforce @Nip good morning my friends, was cking the SSH that’s drying thought I would share a picture. Put a little bit in my bowl this morning, it’s going to be pretty good stuff


@Nip @Dforce that’s a whole plant. You can tell that I flipped her early, but she will make a good oz or so. I’m not really trying to grow big plants, just lots of decent buds. I learned that I can do that without having huge plants :yum:.


You can kind of make it Bloom when you want too , does it take as long to finish inside as outside

Awe Yeah, I’m sure it will Stone you up pretty good, Buds look potent