Ok here I go The start of my outdoor 2022

Im here with ya, im lower then you are, so i dont have the freeze warnings yet. I have 4 i can move in the barn & unfortunately 9 that cant be moved… gonna see if the old 10 x 20 tent will fit over them this weekend. Wishing all the luck i can send :wink:

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Good evening Sir, got to spend a little time with the little one’s tonight, boy they needed it. Been neglecting them a bit. Finally got to feed them

And few of the outdoors

Can’t really get a good pic of the Strawberry Cough and the GSCX, there packed pretty tight


@Dforce good morning, so some look like they are getting close, but some look like they will be a while yet. They are all looking well for sure. Buds getting nice and fat :yum:. Babies looking good too :sunglasses:

@Dforce so all 4 of the clones are looking good, and I got 1 out of 3 seeds up of the Gog photo. It is growing well. I had topped the SSH once, so this top that I cloned has 2 shoots, but it looks good so far, will get some more pictures soon :grinning:. I’m looking forward to growing some of the Gog, It’s supposed to be kick ass stuff :grinning:

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@Dforce took a few new pictures of the over full closet :heart_eyes:


How is the smell coming from her? I’m sure it getting pretty strong, but a good smell. :lollipop::lollipop: :skunk: :skunk: :fuelpump: :fuelpump: Also I have been wondering, does the room have an orange tint to it? Or is it the light?

@Dforce yes the smell is getting very strong, piney, skunky, and fuely. Either it’s the light or this sorry phone :iphone::person_shrugging:. Will ck it out better tonight. Have a few more.

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Uploading: 20220924_193519.jpg…

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@Dforce so I’m pretty sure it was my camera I just checked it and it was on 10,000k which is orange I moved it back to 5200k and that should get it pretty close and I’ll get it reset tonight. I’m not real sure how to delete pictures but you’re welcome to remove those if you like and I’ll get some new ones tonight

Oh no, will not delete, was just wondering cuz I can change the settings on my phone to make the pics look all different ways.

@Dforce yeah I guess I can . I really didn’t realize that it was set way up there and I guess I must have just bumped it I’m going to try it on auto and see how that works if it looks okay I’ll get it off of that manual. Were you able to see everything those in the bags that’s the Clones I made the other day they still doing pretty good and then that little bitty baby one is the Godfather OG it’s coming along good too it’s the only one that came up out of the three but that’s all I wanted was one. I will clone it get a few off of it before I flip it according to lgm this thing can get real high on the THC level like up to 27 or 28 that one in the front got the little button buds on it is the one I flipped about 3 weeks ago and then there’s a white widow in the back that’s mudding also two more I just flipped they haven’t started yet but they will soon and then I still have the two super silver haze and the ones zittle it hasn’t started to Mud yet either

@Dforce That was supposed to be bud and budding not mud and the zittle is auto, but not budding yet, it still young and needs to grow a little more 1st anyway, but she’s in the far back on the right side very hard to see because she’s behind the super silver haze photos

Yes they are all looking good, the gf og should be sweet. Im about to chop the blue dream that has been struggling from he beginning, getting mildew :rage: been a rough season for sure.

@Dforce so does it have to be thrown away or can you keep the part that don’t have mold?

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. I hope these look alittle better :yum:


Not sure yet, will see at harvest, and holy smokes that looks way better. :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:

@Dforce man I sure hope you can save her. So if I’m correct that blue dream is one of the really high THC plants too right it’s one of the ones that all of us Heavy Hitters like to get our hands on I don’t have any but I’ve been looking at it. Might get some one these days when I need some more seeds probably in 5 or 6 years laugh out loud. By the way so far all the Clones look good and The Godfather OG’s coming along fine

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@Dforce The SD (aka big girl) is just starting to get some red hairs,some purple tint, and buds fattening up nicely, 3 weeks will put her real close to ready :money_mouth_face::yum::yum:. Been really watching for mold. It has been hard to keep RH down, but it is finally cooling down some, will make it a lot easier now

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Yes Blue Dream is a good one but this one has been a runt from the start, so I’m not expecting anything special. As for the humidity you may want to put a dehumidifier in there, keep it down to 50% at the highest, mold can be inside the bud and you won’t even know it’s there.

@Dforce yes I know, it is pretty critical right now too. The dense thick buds will get it quick. I took a couple from underneath that wasn’t getting good light, they looked good so far :person_shrugging:. I will try to keep the humidity down to 50 or less.

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