Ok here I go The start of my outdoor 2022

As for the Cucumbers, I was mine would grow half that size. I’m luck to get enough to make pickles, then the plants are dead. I have trouble with mildew on all vine plants, I’m retrying cucumbers again, the wife makes awesome pickles

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So I was rereading and you were asking about start to finish, of 102 day’s. I was wrong with my numbers. My Wedding Cakes sprouted on April 2nd, so that makes them 82 day’s now, and they have approximately 3 weeks left to harvest.

Yes I’ve read a lot of his post to also beardless had a lot of good information and he schooled me some and a few others on the forum I’m thankful for all I’ve learned from the people on here who share and from ilgm they’ve been a great company I love them and I’ll buy all my seeds from them they’ve been very good to me oh I’ve had a few seeds not germinate most of my fault so I never complain to them about things like that I figure I’d get plenty of what I do grow and then when I get one like this photo I can clone off of her so you get three or four days off of her that makes up for a few seeds you might have lost I have so many seeds now I keep them in the icebox to keep them cool hopefully they’ll last till I use them all up probably got 80 or 100

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@Dforce I’m sorry that last message was to you divorce and I forgot to do that thing again and that was supposed to be if you get three or four clones off of her I do not know how days got in that conversation but I am talk texting sometimes this phone don’t say what I do

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@Fieldofdreams I’ve never had worse luck with the seeds as I did on those sour Diesel’s I actually have planted 10 seeds to get that one plant I think it was me I think I was drowning them so I’m going to make these for clones live can make up for a few them seeds I messed up


@Ronniepatrick981 recoup your losses!! Sounds like a solid plan!! Git’er done lol!!!

@Fieldofdreams yes, sometimes I have heck getting my seedlings going I either drown or get ph or ppm wrong :sweat_smile:. I believe I could grow some nice ones outside, maybe over in the compost pile where the sunflower is


@Ronniepatrick981 your veggies sure seem to love the space! It could work!!

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@Dforce so I tried the dooms, had mold growing next morning. It was all over the top of the cups, almost like a spider web. So without thinking :thinking:I reached and pulled it out, it was all over one of the little short ones so I broke it. Sprayed them with 50/50 h2o an h202 then resprayed them with my seedling mixture. So far so good

@Dforce that white stuff is 5% 7 dust also seen some kind of little Tiny bugs.

That’s unusual. I’ve never seen mold grow so fast. When I clone, I always use a dome, and spray at least once a day, dome is always wet for the 1st 4 to 5 days then I start opening the vents letting air in. When cloning there are no roots, so the leaves need to stay damp, unless you have the slem in water. As for bugs, most common up here is mites, thrips, fungusgnats, and aphids. Diatomaceous Earth dust might help on top of soil. Lots of people use Captian Jacks Dead bug spray. I use Grandevo and Venerate in rotation. The H202 spray will also kill bugs, if they are mites they can be hard to kill sometimes, but with the 50/50 mix, (pretty strong) should do the trick fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

@Dforce I’ve used domes before also never had a mold problem and I’ve never seen it grow that fast. But I did dip the cutting in a root hormone then put in a small piece of banana, then put it in cup covering banana and stems with coco. Maybe it’s having that banana in bottom of cup. Anyway, 3 are still alive but not looking really good. Hopefully 1 or 2 will make it.

@Dforce probably should have used a milder solution to spray on mold. Like I said, I’ve never had that happen before. 1st time mold has got on anything.

@Dforce bugs very small, hard to see, light brown in color

Well you can always take a couple more clones, :sunglasses: and for the bugs are they just on the clones, or the plant as well? Mites are pretty much round and will leave little dots, thrips are more slender and will leave like stretched dots, and I’m thinking not gnats.

Here is a couple pics to compare, you may need an eye loop to see.

@Dforce haven’t seen them on any plants yet they’re was a few on shelves around where clones were, so I put dust on everything except the one budding I only put dust in the dirt on it

@Dforce then I sprayed some insecticide everywhere but not on plants

@Dforce if I see anymore, I have neem oil, will it work?

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Yes neem works well just not on buds