Ok guys same strain feed schedule soil

This is my current two girls grown in same soil light temps etc. The strain is royal dwarf. Fed with Canna nutes and booster I’d say there about done is it normal for one to look so good and one to look screwed?

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That’s wild

Even the same strain can have differences.
Every one of our girls are unique.
It depends how u like your high as to when to chop.

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The one looks a bit brown, like it died or got some bud rot. Can you take some closer pics of that one? Does it have a moldy/mildew smell?

In either case, if the buds are turning brown, it’s probably going to make better compost than smoke. Sorry.


That looks like bud rot/mold seeing its on the lower buds to plus looks to be spreading to the other plant also sorry dude but probably should toss them and disinfectant the whole tent

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Nope it’s not bud rot I’ve checked several time smels fruity sweet and diesiely as it should according to genetics

This is the one you question I believe it’s just colouring coming out I’ve tried to remove sugar leaves and they do not just pull away

I went to RQS and read the description. Royal Dwarf has a brief growing cycle of 8–9 weeks, with a flowering time of 6–7 weeks.
in the tabular summary it says 9 - 10 weeks after sprouting
Either way it is fast.

How old are your plants? Sprout to now…
I am wondering if the fast genetic code went into overdrive on one or the slow one was Sleepy


They are week 8 of flower week 12 above ground

I’ve checked thoroughly very few Amber but mostly cloudy started to flush it says she should smell sweet fruity and diesiely which she does no smell of mould and nothing comes away easily

To my eyes the elder one looks done for. It’s trichomes may not change. However there is a good chance they may start deteriorating. Me, I would cut it. But you are the one with eyes on it. Is it alive and growing new calyxes and pistils? If the brown sugar leaves are brittle and break off, then that is your answer.
I had three week spread between the first and last to be cut of blueberry auto. They are not all the same and it does happen.

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Thanks beardless I started flushing Sunday so I plan to chop sunday

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Leaves arefirm don’t come away

Understand. More if dry and fragile i.e. dead.
When I grew autos they seemed to have a way of telling me they were ready. Good luck and hopefully the other one will give you a more decisive indication when ready

She also has many milky trichs but has leaves left so may let her go an extra week or two

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New pics I see Amber these are bud shots