Ok guys ? About flower temp and humidity

Ok I am 2 weeks into flowering since I flipped to 12/12 I have read so many different temp an humidity to be at on the internet. So here is my temp and humidity with lights on. 73 temp and 50 humidity now with lights off my temp is 66 and humidity is 47 do those look good


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You run temp and humidity perfect do that until harvest

U want ur temp around 73f to 65f and ur humidity around 50-60% dont let ur temp go to high cause u will end up with airy buds

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Look up your room temp, leaf temp, and humidity on a vapor pressure differential chart. Adjust your environment based on the chart.

Maintaining the vapor pressure differential (VPD) between the room and leaf for the plant’s stage of growth will allow it to open and close the stomata so it can transpire. Transpiration is the pump that allows the CO2-O2 gas exchange and moves water throughout the plant. This pressure differential pump even allows the roots to absorb nutrients and deliver them. Exceeding VPD tolerance can cause the pump to run too fast or shut it off. Either case can result in disease and/or mineral deficiencies.



What all of that stuff just went in one ear and out the other. So now I have to buy a infrared thermometer just to check my my plant leaf temperature

Mid 70’s and the top end is 85 degrees. I keep mine in the mid 70’s to 80.

You can have problems past 85 degrees.

I don’t care about humidity as I live South Texas and 22 miles from the Gulf. It would be a battle start to finish. I also don’t pH and grow 12/12 only which makes me an anomaly. Yet, I grow Super Monsters Sativa dominant.

Largest Indica was about 6.5’ tall.


Sounds good to me bro

Only if you want to optimize growth. Leaf temp should be below room temp.