Ok friends i made it through my first grow!

Ok friends i made it through my first grow yaaaaaay!! Made it through everything but here is the problem after the harvest im in the curing process now been curing for almost a month now,buds look good a little extra hairy though ill post pics in a sec. The problem is there is little to no smell at all and almost no high from it. There is a little buzz but nothing special. What could i have done wrong? Did i wait to long to harvest? Or maybe didn’t cure long enough? I don’t know please help im not giving up I’m starting my second grow as we speak!!!

Uploading…20180506_213056 so this is what it looks like now. Not sure exactly what i did wrong! It was just a bag seed but ive never smoked anything that looked like that so something had to go wrong somewhere i figured id grow the bag seed b4 i got the gd seeds. Now my second grow is all dark devil and i need to figure out what went wrong b4 i screw this one up to.


Where did you get seeds from if that’s not to personal a question… @Deewsmoke

How late were they harvested?

You probably either harvested too early, or too late.

Thats what im thinking because she was looking gd up until i cut her down

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She flowered late i kept her in veg,i started the grow on 11/24/17 harvested 3/29/18 shes still in mason curing now

Is the bud dense or is it light and fluffy sort of? How long was she in flower?

Its extremely light and fluffy an quarter of this stuff can almost fill a sandwich bag.

I started grow 11/24/17 she went in flower 2/718

What light’s were used? Seems to be possably a insufficient light leading to a more larfy or fuffy bud and less potency. I could be wrong though

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They look real loose, so guess one is too young, BUT! I see a lot of open bracts that look like they had seed in them. Do you have a lot of seed in the buds?

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If you started flowering on feb 7th and have already harvested and cured for a month, I’d guess you pulled them a little early. A lot of times they’ll seem like that if they were allowed to over dry before going into jars as well.

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@Deewsmoke I circled what I was taking about, every yellow circle is a flower that seems to have a seed in it or is half a flower that had a seed in it.

If a bud gets seeded THC production mostly halts, flower production steeply drops and all resources go to developing those seeds before any other function. Sometimes seeded bud will also give you a headache, but it’s usually weak (but Thai stick was always seeded and immensely strong, so it’s not always ruined crop. Those are exceptions though).
Anyway, if I am guessing right and you confirm there were lots of seeds, next step is to figure out how that happened. Only if I’m right of course :wink:


Put a mic on it that should show what the tric state is and at least answer some questions.


There where some seed development but not very much. I had fear that she was herming


Sounds like, if I understand correctly, that you saw (and I think the presence of seeds backs up your worry) evidence of hermaphrodism in that plant and yanked it early. Then wispy, seeded, low potency and not yet dense buds fully accounted for.
So, if we can figure out why it hermied on your next grow that won’t be an issue and it can finish ripening.
Some things that can cause hemies unintentionally are:
-Genetics, is the cultivar naturally a hermaphrodite? Was it a “feminized” seed that was bred by finding hermaphrodite plants that only showed a minimum male stamen (the old fashioned, terrible way to make feminized seeds)?
-Heat stress, huge temp swings, too high or too low extremes of the temperature range can cause it, or;
-Light stress, if any light leaks in, too much ambient light etc. then that’s pretty well the easiest way to hermie a plant unintentionally.
Do you have a grow going now? Is there any way, if you do, to really be able to examine the space for even a pinpoint area of the plant getting light in the dark cycle light leak? Or just a diffuse light level maybe a bit brighter than a full moon (the limit of dark cycle light that won’t give you trouble is a full moon’s level of light). If while examining the area you REALLY need a light on to figure out what’s happening, you can use a green light source safely. Most green light is reflected by plants, hence why they look green (some green light is used, but a green light at night doesn’t cause issues with flowering so not a worry).
I think you’ll have a perfect grow if you can figure out which factors caused the hermie-ing. If you really aren’t sure, assume it’s genetics and grab some seeds from a known good breeder. In fact, from what I’ve seen this site’s seedbank has great genetics, so no need to go further than here if they have a cultivar you like.

Thanks for the info and yes im in my 3rd week of second grow now. The first was just a bag seed for a trial run so it could have possibly been any of those things that was stated. This time im gonna pay closer attention to everything i just got a new tent so that should rule out light leaks. I purchased the dark devil auto so that should possibly rule out genetics. Im in process of getting new lighting buy the time they really get into the grow i should have better lights,so we will see what happens. This is my first time with autos so fingers are crossed lol

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Autos are so easy, they almost grow themselves. Great to learn with and can have decent yields of decent product. You’ll do great, just come back and ask people if you need.