Ok. Far red. Do I change light cycle?

Gidday guys and gals. Hows things?? Like title says do I change light cycle when applying far red. Read it here somewhere. Cheers​:+1::australia:@Hellraiser @ DBRN Happy growing everyone

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Oops. @dbrn32

You don’t change the light cycle to accommodate the far red. You add the far red when you decide to go to flowering when far red is needed. The light cycle gets changed to initiate flowering. Does this resolve the confusion?

Sure does. I think. So when flip turn it on for 5-7 min once light off. Keep at 12-12 ? Think I got it.

Thanks mate. Forgot that. :+1:. Hope all well with you and yours.

I don’t understand your question about min.

Once you go to 12/12 you will want to keep the light(s) on that schedule. The far red is only a supplement for the rest of your lighting.

The far red light should be on the exact same schedule as your other light(s).

Your going want to probably start closer to 8. You need more light early/mid flower than late. I start mine on max on wake up. Just high.

5-7 minutes then off. Apparently if you give to much girls stretch a bit. ?? Fun times.

Cheers mate. 8 minutes it is

I just read a COUPLE articles on that also online Clinto. Suggestive of giving far red in addition to regular lighting for first ten min that regular lights come on, and then again last 10 min before they go off. I was going to pose that question to folks over here to see if they’ve read that or tried that and what results they had but after (during, rather, lol) reading the 2nd one i fell asleep in my chair last night :smiley: could have been the LONNNNNNNG day of work i had, could have been the blue dream, could have been both…LOL


Minutes? I thought you were talking about your light intensity level … there are no minutes for on and off

Your thinking of uvb… or IR? Infared isn’t far red…
And yeah. A few minutes of uvb would be great. I only use IR in propegation… far red is just red led… But yeah. So you guys mean IR when you say far red?

Far-red light is a range of light at the extreme red end of the visible spectrum, just before infra-red light. Usually regarded as the region between 700 and 750 nm wavelength, it is dimly visible to human eyes.
My far red’s are built in… On the whole time…

All qb 288v2 hlg boards have far red up to 780… spider farmer up to like 730…

So… which are you asking? Far or infa? Because I run far red the whole time the tent is on. This is the HLG rspec spec… Goes all the way to 780
This is why hlg is the house favorite… good luck finding a better spectrum.

And my propegation light has IR. It runs 24 hours… UVA can run the whole time a lights onm. Uvb can run up to 15-30 minutes a day. Once it’s used to it. Uvc… maybe 2-3…

Bruce here has a fancy board. He can explain it better.


Gidday mate gott hlg 650r and scorpion. Both uv bars and in 8 “tent just been reading. Not all the time though yeah.

It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Running a targeted far red initiation would be running far red only for something like 10-15 minutes after your main lights shut off. I have seen this done successfully a few different way. Running 12 or less hours total with last 15 minutes only far red, running main lights for 12 hours theb followed by 15 minutes or less of far reds only, or either way with far reds coming on for short period while main lights are still running. I’m not exactly sure if one way is significantly better than others, my current setup doesn’t really afford me the opportunity to attempt using many of the products available.

I know there are members here that are doing this. @merlin44 maybe?


I remember reading Hellraiser using far red. I did a quick search of his postings using far red as key words


I wouldnt bother about changing light cycles for far red the only time i would change light cycles is if ur growing photoperiod plants and if ur growing autos you would leave the light cycle how it is

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Yes when I use far red, I run it for 5-7 minutes after main lights go out and run a 13/11 light cycle, gets to harvest a little quicker 5-7 days.


I run a combination of red (660 nm) and far red (730 nm) when the main lights are on in order to take advantage of the “Emerson Effect”. I also run 20 minutes of red light prior to the main lights coming on each day.

When I flip to flower I use 15 minutes of far red immediately after the main light go out and I use 10 hours of darkness and 14 hours of light. This allows me to achieve the DLI that I target without increasing the light intensity. This is useful only for photo period plants.


Thank you everybody. You are all wonderful good hearted souls. Will let you know how I go. What I do ect. They will be photos. Probably zkittles if they don’t turn on me and gelato. Thanks again. Be good. Happy and safe growing. Oh and @hellraiser happy birthday the other day mate. Ever come for holiday to Australia you got somewhere to stay. That’s all of ya.