Ok. Crazy night last night. Someone please help. Update #3


Ok. Last night a friend of mine dropped off two white thunder plants. His friend had them growing in a messed up basement. Here are some questions. These things are in mud compost with what looks to be rocks. One looks to be in very ealry stage of flower. They girls need help. I also was given this light fixture bulb and ballast 600w

can you help me with how to save theres white mold on the bottom of one plant


I pruned it and kind of scroged it to let light in the soil to helpndry it out


I would think they surly need to be Repoted in a good potting soil.Good luck


Anything to do with outdoor growing you should call in @Majiktoker, he’s got your answer
-good luck


How can I be of some help


ok they were in this brownie mix type mud. And one had a 8" rockwool cube in it. Which no mold made it to that a the roots were barley out of the cube. Washed it real well just some good ffof and ffhf. Now little plant is a month older and it was a mess. Roots terrible. So i did an h2o2 solution and blasted it with air all night. Looks ten times better. Soil tomorrow after a h202 bath tonight… anything else i shold do roots are looking white again. Thanks for everyones help


Just wait and watch hydro guard works well that’s what I’d recommend


From what I can tell you done all this on your own.
And a great job you have done. Cause I was going to tell you to do just the same thing. But you already did it.

Now once you get them into soil. Start them on low dose of nutrients. Add a little nitrogen peroxide. And root stimulate n and or liquid thrive.
This will gel them from going into shock.n
Otherwise keep up to he good work and keep us posted



Ok that is what i was looking for. The next step. I was flying by the seat of my pants… thank you.


You mean I caught up to you…lol.


I think there doing well. I scroged one plant and just left the little one alone besides held back the braches for two days and released the tie downs this morning


Just some updated pics. Showing good signs of new growth…

and my amnesia clone @11 days old.


a little update. Got a new tent waiting on my 2 mars hydro 300w led and heres the clone. There doing pretty good.


Bravo well done , gotta learn how you did that !!


That is a whole plant not toped it was 16 inches tall. Don’t know anything about it. Just thats its white thunder.


This is what ive done till now. Whats next boss


Maybe think about transplanting a few of them into final grow pot. Don’t ya think ?

Awesome grow my friend



The scrog is 5 gallons the clone im trying to air and light prune the roots one more week. The other little plant had a bad mold on it just ditched it just the scrog and the clone left. . Just fox farm schedule?


OK…I was looking at the ones in small pots on what looked like a deck.
But still nice grow



Yep. So transplant now?