Ok autos white widow after she breaks through when to start nutes?

I have one broke through 4 days ago 5 more waiting I’m wondering when to start feed schedule when should you start week 1 seedlings pack?

What soil/hydro setup do you have?

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It is 100% dependent on your medium. If it’s a FFHF. Can start lightly immediately. But lightly. If FFOF I wouldn’t even think about it for a month. If coco coir already should have… If it’s FFLW. Same as coco. If it’s anything other than innert or fox farms I couldn’t say exactly. But the bag would tell me


The one in ffhf came up ffof didn’t but could Ben my fault the I dropped 3 more placed them in a 50/50 of the two and two are up hopefully ones a late bloomer but with a 50/50 I wonder if I should wait couple week to start? And I dropped 3 more :slight_smile: I have there fertilizer for seed kings but gun shy on using it maybe couple weeks popes out? Then do it idk

Both ffhf and ffof plus a bucket root net nutes and bubbler

I’d wait for the 3-4 leaf set to come off before adding nutes. That’s if I’m reading correctly, you have a bucket of soil that is in a fabric that leads down to a net pot that then has a reservoir with a air stone for excess roots.

My bucket plants almost to flowering just wondering on my new borns witch are white widow autos when I should start the week one on chart