Ok a bit confused with grove bags

Ok first time grower so this is my first time curing.i have my buds curing in my grove bags which is holding at 60% rh but now the grove bag site has me confused they are saying you need to sweat them after drying before you put them in grove bags this came from there site… What You’ll Need to Sweat Cannabis:

  • Cannabis
  • Paper Bags
  • Trimming Shears
  • Time

Our Step-by-step Guide to Sweating Cannabis:

      1. First, cut up the branches with trimmed buds on them into sections that will easily fit into a paper bag, leaving the buds on the branches will prevent them from overcrowding and allow for airflow in the bag
    1. Fill a paper bag up about ¾ of the way with the buds.
    2. Sleeve another bag over top in the opposite direction. The paper bags will draw out the inner moisture of the vegetation and redistribute it.
    3. After 12 hours open the bag and let the newly drawn out moisture evaporate. You will notice the nugs on the top dry quicker then the ones on the bottom.
    4. Sleeve the top bag over again and flip it so the dryer buds are on the bottom now. This will pull out more moisture redistribute it to all the buds.
    5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you notice the buds aren’t sweating out and redistributing as much moisture. From here you are ready to seal up your cannabis and start curing!
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I suppose you could do that with fresh wet bud to quick dry it , but you’d lose out on terps being pulled from branches by a long slow dry. You have perfectly dried bud and grove bags so your good to go.

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@GreenSnek yeah but at the top part where i copied from says this An often skipped over step to the process of drying cannabis is the process of sweating. Before beginning the curing process, cannabis that is newly dried or at least appears to be, needs to be sweat! What is sweating? At the center of your buds, there is a lingering moisture that needs to be drawn out to the surface of the plant. And while mold resistant strains do exist, sweating cannabis is one important step of many towards mold prevention. By taking the time to dry and cure your harvest properly, you’re protecting the flavorful and aromatic oils of the terpene profile of your bud. So, to make it easier on you, here is our advice for the best steps on how to sweat cannabis

So they are saying you sweat it after drying then put it in the grive bags

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Sweating happens no matter what container you put it in, jar, bag , perfectly 62%rh room . It’s just the process of humidity becoming equalized, you don’t have to do anything special to get it.

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Oh ok thank you

Once ur to between 58 and 62 rh on jars or bags that are closed for 24 to 48 hrs and hold without going over the 62 mark buds r good to go in bags without harm. As long as the room is cooler and not massive rh in the room. For a couple days after u have dried I’d still watch the meter til u r at a set rh and not fluctuating so much up or down. Grove bags are awesome and cut out alot of manual work


I read that also, but decided to make it easier on my confused brain, I bought the moisture meter. Now I dry how I learned from here and just check buds deep inside with meter. I don’t get as anxious now

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I usually dry in stages. A few days as whole plant then cut branches and rehang for a few more. When they feel dry, I trim and cut buds off putting them in a bowl to finish and “tossing” a couple of times. Then in the Grove Bags with a small Rh meter.

After drying i put mine in a plastic tote with the lid on. I put hydrometers in and adjust rh to 62 and moisture reading of 11-12% sometimes it takes a day or two to get it right. Then into the grove bags with a hydrometer in every bag