OK 2023 grow plan

Hi all - this is my third year growing outside in Oklahoma. Somehow I’ve managed to complicate the process every year. Lol
My plan this year was to start a little earlier (April 1) germinate and grow inside for 3 weeks then transplant outside.
I thought the cutoff was 12 hours to switch to flower but I’m now hearing it’s 14 hours. If that’s correct I can’t put them out until mid May.
I have them in our sunroom and keep the temps between 60s at night and 85 during the day. I have a fan on them.

Any suggestions?


If you put them outdoors while the days are still getting longer you shouldn’t have any issues. Before you put them out match the hours of LED light to the hours of light they’ll be getting outside just to be safe though. Doing that is more important with older plants but I’d do it anyway.


Agreed. Even a simple small light that comes on an hour or so before the sun comes up in the morning until the days are long enough will work. But as @Outlaw stated this is mostly for older plants that have been vegged through the winter and placed outdoors to prevent early flowering.

Thank you - They have LED light from 6:30am to 9:15pm. Can I safely increment them down to 6:45 to 8pm without screwing then up? I have 4 day olds and 1 week old seedlings.


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@Outrun Change your time to match the sun. Monitor and change your timer as needed. What part of Oklahoma? I am on Lake Texoma.

Thanks - should I change gradually? Not too worried about the morning but I’m looking at talking 1 1/2 hr off going from 9:15 to 7:45pm.

I’m east of Tulsa in Claremore

It wont hurt to move it all at once. Its no different than losing your power. I am in Durant.


Need a couple more bags of soil but other than that we’re ready for plants.
The framework was easy to build and will provide customizable shade to any/all plants. I also have a clear plastic cover for the roof but can’t install until this wind dies down.


Nice grow spot!!!