Oil/Butter infusions

I’ve made several batches of cannabutter and cannaoil over the last year since I started growing. Most recipes online call for a quarter to half an oz. of material per cup of oil/butter. My question is: How much weed is the maximum one should use per cup? I’m sure there is a saturation point where adding more weed will do no good and becomes wasteful. I read once that a pound of butter can absorb no more than an ounce of good weed’s THC. Anyone care to share their knowledge/thoughts? Thanks.


Excellent question. @blackthumbbetty might know: she’s an edibles and tinctures wizard.

I do brownies for my nightly sleep aid. I normally shake dry ice kief then add up some green trim, sugar leaves and a bit of flower to 20 oz of coconut oil (recovery is MUCH better than butter). I try for an ounce plus of used shake, plus an ounce mixed between the sugar, trim and flower. Adding lecithin when cooking will help your body metabolize the THC, increasing the high.


I have looked for that answer many times, myself. I have read a few individual tests, but nothing exact, because testing labs often have such different results. I have lots of charts showing this or that, but I honestly don’t know which to believe. It seems to depend on your oil and your starting material.

I put an oz of bud into ½ cup of coconut oil or ghee; 4-6oz of trim into that same amount. That seems, to me, the highest limit. :grinning:


For my Super Cannabutter I general use a tad over 1oz. And most it would knock ya out as I have a high tolerance.

Thanks all. After posing the initial question, I made a batch of choco chip cookie bars which I only used 1/2 oz of the Jack Herer(first time for this strain) I grew. Not sure I’d want to make them any stronger, unless I’m home for the day.