Ohio's Rejection of Issue 3


I knew Issue 3 wasn’t really the most ideal marijuana legalization initiative, but after reading more reasons why Issue 3 was a bad idea, I can safely say that I’m relieved Ohio’s voters bypassed it. I never thought I’d be against legalization! But monopolies are bad news.


I agree with you. After realizing what was going on I to
Was glade to see it not pass.

B Safe


This Ohioan disagrees with the both of you.

A group of 50 investors owns 10 large grow sites and makes provisions for future expansion.

This land is leased to growers. Testing facilities are created on college campuses. R&D facility to be opened, Ohio on the vanguard of marijuana breakthroughs. These farms produce MJ for up to 1100 privately owned businesses across the state who can sell MJ for medicinal and recreational use. This is clean, competitively grown MJ, free of the molds and pesticides that are causing problems in Colorado. The business creates new tax dollars that go to state coffers. Thousands of jobs are created where they weren’t before, an industry is spawned that is inspected, regulated and taxed as is alcohol, tobacco and other recreational products available.

Don’t like dealing with the business side? Skip them and enjoy the ability to grow unlimited vegetative plants and be able to flower up to four at a time which is very sufficient for home use. Need more for medicinal purpose, there is a provision for that by getting caretaker status and expand your growing capability.

Medicinal MJ was a part of the bill, even making the sale of medicinals on a sliding scale based on the patient, all the way to free medicinals for those who need but cannot afford.

Sick people across the state would have gained relief. Adults also gained a new recreational product that was placed on restrictions similar to alcohol which is should be. People in need would move to Ohio in order to get access to safe, legal medicine. Recreational users throughout the Midwest would make a trip to Ohio to enjoy the freedom this bill would offer. Tourism would benefit, more and more money into the public and state coffers.

This was a huge missed opportunity for Ohio and the legalization movement. Instead its been kicked back. Opponents say, wait until next years bill! By who, the Ohio Legalization 2016 group that is led by a 19 year old kid, an organization that is in debt and has no where near the signatures needed to bring their issue to ballot. Their proposed model to get the signatures is ridiculous and again, they have NO MONEY to push their issue. It takes money to make things happen, no other group besides RO had it and now that its gone down, no other groups will probably bother to attempt legalization again.

All the little socialist wannaBernies saying to hell with monopolies man, it should be free for the people. Yeah, float that socialist shit elsewhere cuz it doesn’t fly in America. We are a capitalist system which has fueled more innovation and brought more freedom to people than any other economic system ever imposed. Bernie isn’t getting elected, Hillary isn’t either… Face it, it aint gonna happen in 2016 so the chance for better voting odds was 2015, not next year when every misinformed Joe and Sally voter make their once every four years or so trek out to the polls not knowing WTF they are even voting for, just whatever the TV tells them to.

The state was so worried about this at the beginning that they crafted their own legislation called Issue 2. Their bill to go against the will of the people. This bill was under the guise that it was going to end the monopoly, you know the one where a whole industry is spawned due to private investment where millions of dollars are transacted and filter all throughout Ohio. Buried in that bill was a little provision that all of a sudden there is a new bureaucratic board who reviews citizen presented initiatives and they determine if it is good enough for them to allow to go forward. So now you have given away your rights as a citizen. Bra-!@#$ing-vo. Do you think that the next legalization initiative now has any chance in hell to see the light of day? Not when there is this new board there to say sorry folks, we don’t want it so you wont get it. Now Ohio will not see any chance of any form of legalization until it is done so nationally.

So all under the fear of MONOPOLY you not only lose the opportunity for some pretty damn good legalization legislation, millions of tax dollars, thousands of jobs and your rights as a citizen to address the government in order to change laws. Congratulations, I hope you are all happy and proud of yourselves. Please, by all means, in 2016 when you have your better bill that you all said you were going to have next year, shoot me an email and let me know when put a sign in my front yard to promote the bill. I don’t litter my lawn with signs so it will be a safe bet that there will be no signs next year, or the year after that, or the year after that… how long has California been waiting? they sure are a lot more liberal than Ohio, you would think they would get that done, heck they now allow illegal, law breaking immigrants the right to vote that generations of veterans and your forefathers fought for. Handing it out like candy at Halloween. If Cali cant get it done, there is no way Ohio ever will, especially now with Issue 2 in force.

Did I just say veteran? Yes, I am a US Army vet but thankfully served during the Cold War when I didn’t have death cult so called religious people shooting at me. I belong to a few veteran support groups as I try to help any young soldier, man or woman, who is dealing with PTSD and problems adjusting to civilian life after numerous deployments. So many of these people have problems and the VA chooses to drug them up on cocktails of pills that they admit turns them into lifeless zombies who think of killing themselves. So many are wanting to get off the pills and have medical marijuana available safely and easily so they can be part of society and get out again. 22 Vets commit suicide a day, that’s over 8000 per year. Its one way the VA is counting on keeping costs and tabs on the vets down, its cheap to string them out on pills knowing that a high percentage of them will kill themselves, one less headache and expense for the VA. .There are excellent support groups like Weed for Warriors and Grow For Vets that do just that. They grow and make medicinals available to vets in need. As a vet, I wanted to give back to the younger generation of soldiers by participating with Weed for Warriors and so I spent a fair amount of money getting a home growing system that would be perfectly legal under Issue 3 going. I came to ILGM for seeds and information which is what brings me here to this post. Now that Issue 3 is gone, I cannot contribute legally and now my choice is to either grow illegally or not at all. Suffer the Vets who could have used my efforts.

Well, you Anti Issue 3 folks enjoy your victory, Be sure to drink that beer that is made by the largest brewer in the world, watching TV with power for Duke Energy who has the monopoly here. Bored, go to the Casino monopoly here, get on Facebook the biggest social media platform and talk about your big plans for your big legalization bill for 2016. Meanwhile people who could have really benefited are denied a better quality of life. Screw them right? There wont be a monopoly so who cares…


Your argument actually had some teeth before you descended into dinosaur rants about the way things ought to be before us whippersnappers messed it all up. Your social conditioning is showing. The casino monopoly is a perfect reason why voters should be more savvy in going to the polls when they see an obvious marijuana oligopoly staring them in the faces. Other states legalized without putting everything in the hands of 10 corporate backers. Do you really think that because Ohio chose a higher standard you’ll never see marijuana legalized? You think the inertia won’t take care of it on a national level sooner than later?


This was well said: Thank you GrassClippinz… .this is exactly why I didn’t want to see it pass!!

Other states legalized without putting everything in the hands of 10 corporate backers. Do you really think that because Ohio chose a higher standard you’ll never see marijuana legalized? You think the inertia won’t take care of it on a national level sooner than later?

B Safe


The passage of Issue 2 kills legalization efforts in Ohio now that a burecratic board has control over what will appear on ballots. Go ahead and contact me in 2016, 2017 and on when there is NO legalization ballot and let me know how you are making a change for Ohio. Meanwhile, sick people and Vets are denied. All the monopoly sheeple bought into Husted’s plan and now the government has its last laugh at your expense.


So, you believe that Ohio can only legalize if a select few are siphoning all of your cash into their accounts? That’s absolutely insane. The rest of the U.S. are about to go into a domino effect of legalization. You honestly think Ohio’s going to be the last man standing because the voters refused an oligopoly?


Ohio won’t/can’t on its own now due to issue 2 so it won’t happen here until it is on a national scale. Meanwhile,Ohio could have been leading the way with R&D and millions of new dollars in the treasury. You know who is really, really happy issue 3 failed? The guy I used to buy weed from, his monopoly/cartel/oligopoly is still standing with no interference. He knew his days were numbered if it passed. Now he said he is gonna up his prices just a little bit to take advantage of issue 3s failure.


He’s just a greedy s.o b
That burecratic board has control over what will appear on ballots. I think their there to help keep it fair so that there won’t be a monopoly and I sure we will see you in 2016 or17 . There is nothing stopping your Congressman or Senator from introducing a bill for legalization of marijuana.
No disrespect, but it sounds like to me that maybe just maybe that you your self was part of though’s 50? Or was heavily vested in one. This is just my opinion from what i’em getting from how you are represent ing your self here.
You stated and I quote " A group of 50 investors owns 10 large grow sites and makes provisions for future expansion. " Now to me that scary dude! That word EXPANSION that crazy man. Maybe I mite want to start up a couple of green house’s and make some money and only to have these people shut me down. Hell no. This is America my friend and i’'do what ever it takes to keep BIG BUSINESSES out! Of creating monopoly like pharmaceutical company’s.

Just my opinion



I agree. Every other state that legalized did so without an oligopoly backing it. It’s not asking too much.


Absolutely! I agree all these other State did it Ohio will to.



well Anti-Issue 3 people. lets revisit this subject now that the Ohio Legistature has sent a medical MJ bill to Kasuck,

What did we have offered before, the group of 50 investors owning the ten farms with the potential to expand more growers and investors. Lets not forget that with a simple license purchase any adult could home grow. But that evil word MONOPOLY which was only inserted by Sec of State Jon Husted, who I will never vote for in my life, and foretelling of the happy socialist Bernie babies the word killed the entire ballot and it went down 65-35 and all the Anti Issue 3 people would say there are other groups with better plans, or the government will pass it on their own, who needs Issue 3.

Not even a year later this abomination of a Medical MJ bill goes to Kasuck, the flaunted “other group” has taken their signatures and funds raised and left the state saying that the legislature will take care of it.

Who is growing this medical MJ? We don’t know, its not in the records but the movement behind the bill says that vetting and licenseing of the grow facilities will take about 16 months. So who gets to try to be a licensee? I bet if you aren’t “big farm” or belong to a large donor group representing the agriculture industry then you don’t have a snowballs chance in hell to grow for the state.

With this bill can MJ be smoked? Of course not, home patients cannot grow their own or smoke the product, they must get a doctors prescription and then go to the state who has big farm grown weed that has been shipped to big pharma to make extracts and oils. Meanwhile the home patient gets NOTHING.

By this time if Issue 3 had passed those who were home growers about now would be seeing their first legal harvest, those who have medical issues that would benefit from MJ would have an endless stream of relief on its way. By now there would have been small businesses sprouting up all over the state that would support the benefits Issue 3 brought. I drive to Kentucky to go to Worms Way, how many new locations would come to Ohio? How many mom and pop stores that would be selling merchandise and supplies. The proposed R&D benefits that would have put Ohio on the cutting edge of MJ technology. All that was lost like a cough from a harsh bong hit last November and now we have a lame bill that most patients wont utilize and the criminalization of MJ goes on unabetted.

A golden opportunity was lost, one that would have made Ohio the marvel of the nation when it comes to good MJ law and policy.

At least we don’t have “monopolies” though. I hope that lets you all sleep well at night while PTSD vets are revisting their horrors at night on the ceilings.


It could all be settled by just repealing all laws stemming from the marijuana tax act. I forgot which year. 30something.

There is no more reason to regulate weed than basil. Both are herbs that require no more processing than drying.

I understand a little regulation if you intend to sell, only to protect others from unscrupulous people out to make fast cash. If I’m not selling it, leave me the hell alone. God gave it. Man has no right to take it.

Stop complaining about bullshit laws that we all know are only passed to further their agenda. Not mine, not yours, and not even for the vets that have given their all for us.

It all boils down to a corrupt government oppressing its people and now throwing them some insubstantial crumbs to allow the people to think they are getting something.

Eventually we’re all going to face a choice. Do what’s right, or do whatever they say. One choice will give you what you need, the other will only give you what you want. We all know those two things don’t always align.