Ohio Growers Unite

Would love to help…what part of Ohio do you live…so we can figure out a spot to hook up

I go to OU in Athens. How can I get my contact info to you? Would be nice to to speak you on the phone.

Unfortunately it’s against forum policy to share personal info on this side of the forum. There is another Lab side one can join where that is ok to do

Lab side? Sorry confused.

There is another forum…the lab side that once on here for awhile you can join

Been to OU years ago for their crazy Azz Halloween parade…megs county did some trimming for a friend there years ago.
Surprised there isn’t any available down there. Do you have a vehicle?
Looks like maybe New Philadelphia Ohio would be a place to meet…about half way…or Carrollton Ohio where I have a friend with property we could meet with no worries

Either is fine and yes I have a good running car. I could come to you tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is bad for me I have to work.
Sunday AM should work though

No problem. I can’t find this “lab side” to get you my contact info. I’d like to discuss some particulars so we are good to go.

Lol I can’t find it half the time either…not on there much and it does cost some $$ to get in and not sure about their policy for brand new people to this forum joining and all.

What type of effect are you looking for? For the PTSD
I have about 7 strains
White widow extreme
OG Kush
Jack Herer
Bubble Gum
Pineapple express
Waikiki Queen

Found this using search

If you can try this eight 0 one, three six O, nine nine six one. I’m check the “lab side” and I can’t make sense of it. Hit me up if your serious, I am 100% interested.

Couldn’t make that last post yesterday something about a limit for new forum members

I guess we must have all fallen asleep in Ohio. I had forgotten about this thread for a bit. Hello ohioans :v::green_heart::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, we are ohioans, first sign of nice weather and we were all out of here :rofl:

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Hello fellow
O-HIGH-O ins


Deceptively beautiful, sunny day today. It was C-O-L-D though!

Hello. I live in south east Ohio aka Perry county. I am 35 minutes north of Athens. I am a newbie newbie lol as in this is my first year of growing. I mean I have never seen a marijuana plant grow in my life but I have been a smoker since I was 15 and am now 46 lol. I just paid off my land last year and thought to myself recently that I have all this private land with no one around me for at least a mile. Why don’t I grow my own and save me some money. So here I am. I just planted my seeds in an incubator type contraption after I had them in a glass of water for 4 days till they sprouted. Now I have to wait to see if they grow. I will transfer them to my land when they are big enough. Wish me luck!


Good luck! Southern Ohio is beautiful, I’m familiar with the area.


Ahhhhh, Athens! Some of the best smoke around came outta Athens area years ago. NYC BD, Lemon G13 Larfy stuff, but oily lemon greatness! Sweet Harlem diesel… Oh, the memories!