Oh ow, What is this I see...?

Fellow growers of the outdoors, (or indoors), anyone really who has experience and understanding, familiar to cannabis seedlings :seedling: ~ Can u tell me if the centre of my plant is more leaf growing, balls, or beginnings of flower :confused: ~ she only 6.5 weeks old

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My gut says that’s just new leaf growth, but I think it’ll be clear in a few days. Your plant should already be sexually mature at 6-1/2 weeks, so I wonder why it isn’t showing single flowers at other stipules…


Hmm interesting ~ this is my 1st grow so I’m :100:% unsure of wat to expect, and learning along the way. The ILGM community has been great for advice. Is it possible the reason they not showing their sex yet, be because they are random bag seeds, growing in a potting mix/coir&perlite combo, and their only source of light has been the sun? (Mayb 12 hrs a day) Also being the noob that I am, not knowing anything, I germinated my seeds 2 weeks ‘b4’ spring started! So my poor girls have been starving for light since birth - I’m hoping over the next 6 months they grow strong and healthy - especially as we move into our hot :australia: Australian summer :+1:

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All bets are off concerning random bag seed, especially from the grey market.

My advice is to order a few autoflowering seeds, preferably from ILGM, and put your efforts into that. I’m steering you towards autoflowering plants because you’re outdoors; if you are prepared to spend ~$400 (usd) I’d propose a combination of indoor vegetative growth/cloning, and an outdoor flowering.


I’d add that most of us stumble haphazardly through at least one early grow, if not a few. I can tell you how to plan out an optimal grow, but sometimes failure is a better teacher.


^^^ Wisdom.

Honestly the one mistake I wish I didn’t have to make was to not grow bag seed. I remember that beautiful 6 footer, 3 weeks into flowering and I could just see that harvest coming and then its just fucking banana city and it goes hermie… Had to rip it or it would have seeded everything else I had going with hermie pollen. No bueno.

You’re just getting under way. Its gonna be a few months before you know the sex of your plant. It needs to grow all summer and towards the end of summer (like early to mid February) the plants will start flowering and you’ll know the sex. That’s why a lot of folks like to grow feminized seeds - guaranteed no males!

Its early in the growing season for you guys down there still. You still have time to get started with some known genetics and pull off a good crop. You might get lucky with a bag seed and grow a bushel but you don’t need to be lucky to get a good crop when you use good seed.

Nothing wrong with some potting mix, and you’re clearly doing it right…you got em to germinate and grow already!

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I don’t know :woman_shrugging:t2:? Is it possible we’re looking at sexing this early? It almost looks hermi to my inexperienced eye

No worries. Looks like new growth to me.

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