Oh no! What's Next

I have just seen that they have put the rusted spot honey bee,or something similar name. It’s numbers have dropped 90 percent since late 90s
They are responsible for pollenating 35 percent of the words food. Sooo… I’ve have realized that this is only gonna get worse, and Japan released today that their reefs are bleaching from algae growth due to warmer temps


Hey ! @Nug-bug , i’m really concern too by the constant disapearance of honey bees. It’s a subject that was way too long ignore and People should take more attention to it… I’m kind of busy tonight, but will come back with more information and i’m anxious to go forward with that discussion :wink::innocent: :v: thanks for starting a topic for this subject :wink::heart_eyes::kissing_heart::sunglasses:

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Yes I found it very disturbing! Catch ya l8tr

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bumble bees on the decline too! this is a grave problem for all horticulture.

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I’m back :wink::innocent:… The disapearance of entire honey bee colony is cause, in the actual view of science by mass use of neonicotinoid, a class of neuro-active insecticide , here a link if you want to know what’s that :wink::innocent:

That thing should be ban :angry::rage::raised_hand:@Nug-bug

If not and they go extinct it will start a chain reaction that will ultimately destroy everything we know and love…

             Too dramatic? I Think Not!🌾🍃🍂🌏🔥😲😨

And one way to help them is to mass growing flowers and wild flowers , personnaly I support by buying seeds from “Veseys seeds” whom are very active in promote the campaign “bring back the bees” by cheerios in Canada by donating millions of seeds…:wink::innocent::heart::+1:

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That’s why, we, People, should take actions by helping them as much as we can :smiley::innocent::v:

I’m concerned over the bees. I was going to put a couple of boxes/hives out this spring along with my outdoor crop BUT…I found out today a drug detective and his family just bought the house next to mine. Geez…I assure you my growing friends that it’s always something lol

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You can plant flowers, your new neighbour will be please and so are the bees :sweat_smile::wink::innocent: lol

I was going to suggest stockade fences. Great fences = Great neighbors. And lots of flowers for the bees!

@bob31 :+1::ok_hand::v: good suggestions , lol

Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I’m looking into starting my own bee hive. Anyone here done this?

@Bogleg I haven’t, but have friends that do. They are hunting ( The bees) homes for new hives now. My friend that raises them has a trap box set up at my place and has already gotten 2 hives in the last month

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time to move the grow inside! use tents, air scrubber with carbon filter, put a draght excluder under the door to the grow room…and no on need know! check out my posts and pictures. for some pointers