Oh no what happened to my baby?


This girl was doing just fine until I had to move it to the basement for a few days. I used a heater pointed away to keep the temp at 75. Now she has some empty spots and colored leaves. I started with MG seedling mix and fed with 5-4-4. That seemed to help a little but still concerned. Thanks for any help


You should fill out a support ticket… but from the looks of your pic it looks like you’ve been over-watering… :wink:

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I just did a flush a week ago. It seems to still be coming back from that


These plants are on the same watering schedule. And I use store bought water.


If you use fabric pots you wont have to worry about recovery from flushing, because you cant over water.


Ty I plan on starting with those every time now. I thought I had some kind of deficiency Bc of the colors on the leaves but she looks so droopy and sad. I haven’t watered since the flush and the soil is just barely damp knuckle deep. Btw it is Nyc Diesel and is 4 weeks into veg. I appreciate any help I get. I have only grown outside b4 but now live in a cold climate. Thanks


Ok so. I transplanted in to a much larger pot and she was def root bound. Made me sad to see her all choked up like that. I took more pics Bc I think the “dead zones” are weird. U can see where the growth in some spots is just plain stunted. I have never grown inside and have never seen these issues either. Thanks again


Now that you have transplanted you are going to see some hell Laois us growth it will take off on you here in the next few days I see no worries just make sure You have plenty of drainage holes in you big ol pot there :wink: please tag if you need anything


Sorry I posted the pics and response to the wrong thread! Even for a smoker I feel like a twit. So here they are here! The transplant worked awesome and she looks much happier. Now I am trying to figure out when to flower because nature has always decided for me.


@Countryboyjvd1971 thanks I appreciate it


No worries
Whatbis you max hieght you have yo work with remember to subtract the lights and distance youll Need to maintain when plant is at end of grow
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I have no space issues. I use a spare bedroom with 14’ ceilings. But if it gets huge I will have a lighting issue. I try to use individual lights pointed in all directions. My lights give off virtually no heat. I can put my hand on the light without an issue. Thanks for all your help @Countryboyjvd1971


Then if that the case veg 4 weeks then flip should get double the size when you flip to flowee schedule :+1:
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@Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @BIGE @raustin Just an update. I put her into 12/12 2 nights ago and tucked the main stem. She appears to be ok. What do u think?


She looks very happy and healthy. It’s going to be about a week or two before you start to see pistils. :slight_smile:


Ok so I need a little help. I do a varied form of LST by not tieing them but just bending them throughout the day until the new growth holds it in place. But I have seen some people trimming the larger fan leaves and wondered if this is a good idea. @raustin @Hogmaster @peachfuzz @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE @garrigan65 @Momtomask @MattyBear. Thanks for your help

3 days after flip to 12/12


This seems to be a fairly controversial topic, lol. Normally, I prune a lot, it’s just what I was taught working on a farm many years ago. However, this current grow i decided to try what most people do which is let her go natural, and see what happens, so I did no prune at all. My grow is now almost at an end and I must say that I had better results with pruning. In fact, I would call this grow disappointing. Now, I can’t be certain its from not pruning, it could just be the strain, but on my next grow, I will be going back to pruning.

So now that I’ve totally confused you, I would say a little careful pruning isn’t going to hurt, especially those big fans that are in the way.


Ok thanks I think I will give it a try. I just didn’t want to do anything at the wrong timing


After a quick trim. Removed 10 large fan leaves. We’ll see how it goes.