Oh no -- what deficiency -- I'm freaked

Wow, I just found this in the past few days. I’m in soil FFHF+FFOF+Pearlite. These spots are showing on mature leaves on mature buds. I have no idea what to do. Temp, light, RH, etc. are all good. There are no signs of bugs.
My runoff pH is about 5.8. I’ve not done a slurry test.
This is the only plant showing this.
We’re so close to the end zone… What can I do?

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2 things come to mind, possibly splash burn from top feeding as I didn’t see many leaves with this damage. The PH for soil is low and could be preventing certain nutrient uptake. Optimum PH for soil would be 6.5 in the range of 6.2-6.9 :love_you_gesture:


I would get this back toward 6.5. A flush is a good way to correct pH in FF soils, but you will have to correct for PPM following a flush (fairly easy to do.)

It sort of looks like fungus to me in that last photo. What is your RH and do you have plenty of airflow? Even with a decent RH, if there is little airflow you can still run into mold problems.


I have great airflow and RH is rarely above 40. I have intake fan, outgo fan, two smaller fans running and often the AC. I’m not very good with the whole soil pH thing @OGIncognito I’ve been watering with 6.7 pH water to try to get run off a little higher. But, no dice.

I thought it might be water burn, but I’ve been watching carefully. Should I do a major flush over a few days? I’ve been using the Homegrown Standard Nute pack in hopes of not finding myself in this situation. Argh


ok @GrnyGrows …you know what I am going to say

Relax, I don’t see a lot of this and where I do see it I could say it is part of the final days of flower.

You know what to do and how to do it so don’t panic…only you really know your grow and what needs to be done

Have you been doing the “schedualed” flushes??? Of not FLUSH.

I can’t advise that with knowing your run off PH and PPMs. Over all they look ok but that PH needs to come up, water or feed at a higher PH. A top dressing of Dolomite lime will help raise and stabilize the PH but it’ll take a week or so :love_you_gesture:


No! If you “Flush over a few days” you will have more issues.

If you choose to do a flush… Flush all at once with water ph’ed to 6.5.

I used to flush with the same amount of water as there was soil. So, for a 5 gallon bucket of soil was 5 galllons of ph’ed water. slowly.

When I flushed, I used FF Sledgehammer as recommended. Good stuff. Especially if ou are using FF nutes.

Then i would mix my nutes, ph that 'and water/feed with nute solution to a 20% runn-off. You need to feed/water right after the flush. It is not possible to over-water with one session. So don’t worry. FF soil will drain properly.

Good luck.


What @MidwestGuy said but catch your runoff water and recycle it back in your soil. Reason I say is because you’ve run off some of the nutrients from your soil. You can take FF soil and get a month and a half plus out of it by using your the bleed (run off) water and reintroducing to your soil.

The tricky thing about organically is keeping what you started with as your normal bases throughout your grow. Once nutrients are depleted, you have to guess what the plant wants/needs to continue(sustain) its vigor.

I would do research into your particular cultivar to find its happy median.

I believe you may have a phosphorus deficiency or a manganese def


Recycling your run off is not recommended.

Run-off has “leftovers” in it that have been kind of flushed out of your soil. It will throw off your ppm’s and the ratio of nutes. Your plants don’t use all of the nutes in the soil/solution equally. You could be introducing high levels of one or more nutrients into your soil that you work so hard to make right.leading to problems with excess.

Run-off is waste. That is the price you pay growing in soil.

It will throw off your ph as well.

Also, you do not have to “guess” what your plants need. They will tell you. As you get more experienced, one good look and you will know what supplements your plants are deficient in or have an excess of. Until then, the fine folks here can turn you in the right direction.

This is not guesswork. Yes, sometimes we have to make an educated guess… but it should never be a shot in the dark.

I’m sorry. But we are here to help.


I’m having a blast learning – I just don’t know what to do at this point. Could this just be the end of flowering changes to the leaves? Should I just flush with pHed tap water? There are so many different opinions.

I need you to keep me on track – you know I blow with the wind. I really don’t know what to do at this point. Flush, slurry test, don’t worry about it. You and I share the same philosophy - KISS. Since I’m close to the end – what do you suggest? I can’t lose this girl now – she has my whole heart and then some.

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From the pictures I would not get too excited…If everything else has been going fine… this is just an anomaly that is not a big factor for you to address…stay the course lady

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OK. I’m going to chill – maybe. I did a slurry test – showed 5.8 - 6.0, which is what my runoff is too. I owe you so much for all your help and friendship :star_struck:

I’ve not done any flushing. I water every few days. Feed Growtime Standard nutes at 1/2 dose – right now Flowertime and Plant Boost are the nutes they are receiving.

I use ffof to and it seems like they may not put in enough ph buffer anymore i was having ph problems as my run off would be right around 5.8 i added about 1 heaping tbsp of fast acting lime in a 5 gallon pot and after about 2 weeks im now getting 6.5 out after putting 6.6/6.5 in and the spots and the leafs looks like water splash just keep a eye on the newer growth and see if it showes on them

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I am with the stay the course crowd on this one. Flush. Can’t hurt. And 5.8 to 6 could be worse. You are on the edge. Low. But not at 5.0 or even 5.5. Could still be locking you out of what the plant is asking for though. Which might explain your issue. If you do flush read up first. It’s a surprising amount of water and there is a window to keep the roots from drowning. So you need to keep it moving. Lime which is mentioned above will fix the PH over time, but not right away. It can also turn the surface to cement. So go easy if you opt to add some. Runoff and PPM’s or EC levels will help. Both for live diagnosis and for root cause analysis after the fact. Pun intended. :slight_smile: Ultimately I like @Retiredoldguy 's advice. Just relax. You probably know what you need to do. And it’s all good.

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Phosphorus is locked out below 6.5 ph so good eye my freind.

@GrnyGrows ph a buch of water anywhere between 6.5 and 7 and keep pushing it threw the soil till you get runoff that is at least 6.5.
Testing a bit, pour that out run some more test that bit and so on.
Can’t just pour gallons through and test it all and get an accurate reading really.

I do untill its running straight through then get a base reading and then about every gallon of water I’ll test and dump.

Do you have any recharge or anything like that?
A good microbial life can make soil ph not a big issue as they can fred tje plant at a wider range.

The flush will strip everything out so the last gallon you give it after ph is in range needs to be a good feeding preferably with a heavy dose of microbes mixed it :grin:

Is there a way u can get a spoonfull or 2 of the soil from the pot and put in a cup do half the cup with ro or distilled water drop a spoon or 2 of the soil in the water stir let set for 10 mins stir again let set til all particles settle to bottom now get the pH and ppm meter and check that water u just made with soil and see what those numbers come out to be. U will have a general idea as to if u need to run a higher or a lower pH balanced water thru to get the pH more on track. When u get the soil for the cup try and get about an inch or 2 below the top of the soil as deep as u can go will be better reading don’t disturb roots too much tho. If u have a high ph outcome u will know to run a lower pH thru to try and drop the pots pH. U got this.