Oh no. Not again

Gorilla glue week 8 of flower. Big fat colas. Found one with beginning of dreaded mould. Humidity 45-50 temp 20-22 c. Thought why whilst wiping tears. Stood and looked was only spot fans weren’t hitting. Just note to everybody AIR AIR AND MORE AIR got 5 fans. Next go guns shove Bigger better ones. Has anyone made a good clip fan these days?

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More fans don’t help if you aren’t pruning enough for her to breathe. Extra cfm past the leaves causes more heat and humidity than it helps. Like dear old dad told me as a kid. If the fan isn’t blowing on you, it’s only creating more heat. Cannabis is susceptible to wind burn. So what are you trying to accomplish with more fans? Does your humidity stay at that all through the night? Got a logger? Haven’t had mold issues since I got an automatic dehumidifier and started lolipoping.

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Gidday Buds. Thought air through canopy good thing. This area only little bit not getting a breeze so blamed it. Hope that’s all of it

I know many do. But I try not to grow them that tight. Asking for mold.


Cheers mate. New little beans in on weekend Will try train them out bit better. Only 4 in 8” tent. 3 week veg thought would have bit more room but once flipped couldn’t stop em. Checked suspect area today seems clean of that rot. :+1: Take Care mate. Have fun.

Just out of curiosity, how many plants do u have going in that tent?

Gidday Tin man. 4. 2 week seedling 3 week veg. That picture 1 corner

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