Oh No! Help! Yellow & Spotting Yellow & Leaves Curling Up

Everything’s been going great until now - Help! Have no idea what’s wrong!

I started seeing a little tiny bit of tip burn & some yellowing on lower leaves 2 weeks ago, so I suspected a bit of nutrient burn & watered with only distilled H2O twice a week since then.

In the meantime, flowering started & 2 days ago started seeing the leaves getting yellow spots & added a pint of 1/2 strength Bergmans Flower Food/distilled water mix after watering with distilled water.

This morning, spotting greatly increased & seeing tips curl upwards in addition to more tip burn.

The other 3 have a few lower leaves getting yellow, but I didn’t add nutes yesterday like I did with this one.

Any suggestions to fix this?

Wedding Cake Auto - about 7 weeks old
3x3 grow tent
2 Beelux 1000W (actual power 110W each) LED lights
Water pH is about 6.5.
Happy Frog dirt by Fox Farms
Have NO idea what ppm is & have no way to test.

There’s the problem. You have nute burn and really the only way to avoid it if using supplements is to monitor the runoff PH and TDS both. A meter is like $15 so do recommend ordering one.

Suggestions of brand?

Thanks for commenting.

Almost any on Amazon will do fine.

Just ordered Vivosun pen on Amazon - thanks, amigo!

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Runoff TDS should be no higher than 2,000 to 2,200 ppm in soil and 1,100 or so in coco. If it exceeds that just water only until runoff falls below that number and you’ll be fine.

Damaged leaves will not recover FYI: look to new growth for signs of improvement.

My pen arrives Wednesday - in meantime, I’m going to run some distilled through all 4 plants so it doesn’t get worse.

Re: damaged leaves - I have so many on this one plant, should I remove them or not? I’m a bit afraid to remove them…but the plants are flowering (does that matter?).

I’d leave them until it’s obvious they are about to drop from the plant. Flowering cannabis tends to lose a lot of leaves as it matures (and dies). Just make sure it’s getting plenty of light.

A bit of cal mag in the distilled would not be bad.

Thanks - already went to Wally World & bought 15 gals of water & flushed 'em some (used 8 gals, 2 per plant in 3 gal fabric pots). Will do the CalMag when I get the ppm pen on Wednesday & test the levels.

Appreciate the info & will post pics later when they’re a bit further along.

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Does it look like simultaneous burn and a deficiency or is that just plain ol’ lockout? Just curious what your eyes see.

@NewMexicoLegalNow if you’re in or around ABQ, there’s a great 420 friendly hydroponic store called HydroLyfe. They have most of the basic equipment- PH and PPM meters, nutes and supplemental nutes, Fox Farms soil and all that good stuff.

Kind of much of a muchness lol. A lockout will produce a deficiency.

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Touché. I realized it’s all semantics, since the treatment should be the same no matter what we’d call it :rofl:

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Looks like lockout on the 1 plant, plain ol’ burn on the other 3.

Albuquerque is a little far, since I live in Las Cruces, but found a nursery here that offers Fox Farms soil & nutes. No PPM meters, but I ordered one on Amazon & it will be here Wednesday.

Potato, potahto - I’ll get this fixed! :upside_down_face:

@Graysin There’s one down here called “Dr Green” & it seems to have a lot of stock, got some BudCandy & Bushdoctor there. Prices didn’t seem terribly unreasonable. Fox Farms soil is a LOT cheaper than at the local garden supply.

I may have to drop by HydroLyfe next time I’m up in Albuquerque - thanks for the heads-up.

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Definitely! The Ocean Forest is $20 a bag, which is pretty reasonable compared to Amazon. Some stuff is more (lights) but most of it is the same or less. Worth the visit if you’re up here for any reason!